‘RHOC’: Groupon Trolls Tamra Judge as Feud with Kelly Dodd Gets Nasty

Tamra Judge from The Real Housewives of Orange County is feuding with Kelly Dodd. The Southern California housewives have been exchanging harsh words on social media following the airing of the first episode of the reunion. During the season 14 reunion, Dodd brought up that Judge’s business is not doing that well she has to rely on Groupon.

Tamra Judge
Tamra Judge | Heidi Gutman/Bravo

As many of you know, Groupon is an e-commerce site where local merchants offer their services at discounted prices. Dodd implied that Judge’s Cut Fitness was not doing well with memberships. In order to get people into her gym, she had to recur to Groupon to save her business.

The fitness maven denied offering a coupon for her business. Groupon found this to be an opportunity to get their name out there and trolled Judge exposing her.

“We’re just going to leave this right here…,” the message from Groupon read.

The tweet included a screenshot of the Groupon from Cut Fitness showing that at one point there was a discount to the gym. At the bottom of the screenshot, it said “not yet available,” meaning that the coupon was not active.

Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd feud on Twitter

Dodd also blasted Judge on Twitter showing off the Groupon for Cut Fitness and exposing her alleged lie.

“Tamra said she is not on Groupon, here is your Groupon,” Dodd tweeted.

Judge replied tweeting, “You poor thing. You still don’t understand even though I explained it. We are not on Groupon. Have not been in years, if we were, I would admit it. That is an extremely old ad that’s not active. Keep attacking my business and you’ll find yourself in a lawsuit with Cut Fitness.”

In a second tweet, Judge added, “Check your facts dumb-a**, this is from many years ago. Like I said, we are not on Groupon but if we were, what’s the shame? It was a great way to get people into our business when we started seven years ago.”

The Orange County housewife also explained that as a new business, Groupon was “a great marketing tool” to “get customers in the door.”

After the string of messages of Judge defending herself, Dodd fired back.

“Is backpedaling a workout routine they offer at Cut Fitness? When you stop lying to frequently in situations where it’s easy to expose the truth, you won’t have to always scramble to change your story… must be exhausting. Happy holidays to you and your family,” Dodd wrote.

Andy Cohen hints at cast shake-up

Andy Cohen was interviewed by Jeff Lewis on his Sirius XM show where he hinted that a cast shakeup was about to hit Orange County. Could it be that the RHOC ladies are trying to secure their orange for season 15?

“The casting for next season is some of the best casting we’ve had,” Cohen said.

“No matter how it shakes out, it’s going to be great because we have great casting. It’s hard to make moves when you don’t have a bench, both on the show and casting wise,” Cohen added.

The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion continues on Bravo on December 23 with part two.