‘RHOC:’ Is Gina Kirschenheiter Trying to Help or Stirring the Pot?

Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson — (Photo by: Phillip Faraone/Bravo)

Gina Kirschenheiter from The Real Housewives of Orange County may have opened Pandora’s Box. She told castmate Shannon Beador that the other ladies were talking about her mental health behind her back. And it didn’t go over very well. Shocking.

Kirschenheiter, along with castmate Kelly Dodd visited Beador the day after she had eyelid surgery. Beador appeared bruised and clearly in pain, but Kirschenheiter felt it was the right time to tell Beador her “best friends” were buzzing about her mental stability. Dodd looks completely uncomfortable, standing off to the side as Kirschenheiter tells Beador she should know the group was talking about her behind her back.

Of course, Beador immediately calls her “best friend(s),” Tamra Judge, which sets the ladies up for a confrontation over drinks.  Kirschenheiter claims she was trying to help but Judge doesn’t seem to be buying it.

Kirschenheiter got things started on the girls’ trip to Jamaica

Although tension was bubbling for some time, Kirschenheiter took it upon herself to call out Beador and Judge’s friendship at dinner while in Jamaica. Beador seemed completely uninterested in a conversation that didn’t revolve around her and the ladies finally said something about on it. Judge confided in many of the women that Beador seemed uninterested in the turmoil she faced with her husband’s health problems. So, Kirschenheiter took the opportunity to directly ask Beador if she thought she was a good friend to Judge–who sat silent.

Dodd blogged that Kirschenheiter’s confrontational approach should not have been a surprise to anyone, but she pointed out that Kirschenheiter blabbed about what Judge told her in confidence. “Gina’s comments about Tamra and Shannon’s friendship were just her repeating what Tamra has been saying. Tamra said it to Shannon too! None of this should have come as a big surprise. In fact, I think Tamra repeats it so much, because it’s the only way to get Shannon to really listen.”

Judge thinks Kirschenheiter definitely threw her under the bus

Tamra Judge — (Photo by: Phillip Faraone/Bravo)

After the infamous dinner in Jamaica, Judge thinks Kirschenheiter was out of line. “To be honest, I was kind of in shock that Gina even went there,” Judge blogged. “It was extremely mean of Gina to say Shannon was not a good friend to me. I wish I would have spoken up sooner!”

“Just pure shock of being put on the spot and that Gina would say something like that after I’ve been trying to help her become better friends with Shannon,” she added. “The whole fight never had to happen. The discussion was supposed to be about Shannon not warming up to the new girls.”

Kirschenheiter running to Beador post-op made things worse

Once the ladies returned home and Beador went under the knife, Kirschenheiter’s attempt to let Beador know what was being said about her backfired big time. “It was surprising to watch the conflict between Gina and Tamra,” Gunvalson blogged. “Being Shannon and Tamra’s friend, I was happy that they were in a better place after our trip to Jamaica. Then Gina felt that she needed to start stirring things up again. I’m not sure what Gina’s real motives are for making sure Shannon ‘knows what her friends are saying about her,’ but I don’t think her intentions are pure here.”

But Kirschenheiter says she had honest intentions

In a recent episode, the ladies met for drinks while Gunvalson and Beador recovered from plastic surgery. It was obvious Judge had a bone to pick with Kirschenheiter. And she confronted Kirschenheiter about talking about her to Beador.

Kirschenheiter insists her intentions were pure. “I was just letting her know if she didn’t already that her friends were concerned for her and give her some support and love,” Kirschenheiter blogged. “I wanted to hear for myself that she was ok. My intention was never to throw anyone under the bus. I DIDN’T BRING UP TAMRA’S NAME! KELLY DID. And honesty, Kelly and I didn’t think it was a big deal because we were not coming from a bad place.”

Now Kirschenheiter seems completely over the situation. “Her closest friends obviously care about her, too, and I would never want to take that from anyone!! It’s ridiculous to think that I would intentionally cause a problem between them. We are all grown women, and to be honest, at this point I am so over the entire thing. I am the scapegoat for them to deflect from their issues.”

Gunvalson is certain of this

Kelly Dodd, Emily Simpson, Gina Kirschenheiter, Vicki Gunvalson — (Photo by: Phillip Faraone/Bravo)

Vicki Gunvalson appeared on Watch What Happens Live and reaffirmed she was on Team Tamra. Interestingly, the audience poll favored Kirschenheiter. When a caller asked Gunvalson on Watch What Happens Live if Kirschenheiter was being genuine or is the new pot stirrer of the OC, Gunvalson said, “I think she’s stirring the pot, I do. I mean I like Gina but I definitely feel many many times she didn’t have to say what she did.”

Even co-guest, actress Leslie Grossman said she thought Kirschenheiter is trying to make her mark on the show being a newly single lady. So she’s here to keep it interesting on the show. Stay tuned.

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