RHOC Lauri Peterson Makes This Startling Claim About Son Josh’s Murder Accusation

Josh Waring and Lauri Peterson | Lauri Peterson Instagram

At first glance, Lauri Peterson, Real Housewives of Orange County alumni appears to be living in a fairy tale. She initially appeared as an OG on the series as a divorcee trying to keep her family afloat, even working for cast member, Vicki Gunvalson’s new insurance startup.

However, her prince, George Peterson, swept Lauri off her feet and the two rode off into the sunset. George is a wealthy real estate developer with a net worth of about $20 million. The couple, along with their blended family appeared to have it all.

However, like many families, what is seen on the outside isn’t always what is truly happening behind closed doors. Peterson experienced hardships while raising teenagers. Her oldest daughter Ashley seemed to be on an aimless path as the 21-year-old tried her hand at various startup businesses. Today she owns online clothing and style store Cheeky Blonde.  And while Ashley seemed to wander, Lauri’s son Josh Waring dealt with serious drug issues, even while he was still a young teen. Josh’s life continued down a dangerous road, with Lauri feeling helpless. She eventually left the series to help her son.

Josh’s problems started with drugs

He was arrested in 2008 for possession of heroin and ecstasy and intent to sell, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Josh was still in his teens, but Lauri found the drugs and called the cops. He served 240 days in jail. Unfortunately, he was at it again in 2009, arrested for narcotics and drug paraphernalia. He served 30 days in prison.

He landed in a juvenile hall when he was 16 years old for fighting with a teacher who thought Josh was on drugs, according to Page Six. “The teacher grabbed Josh and there was a scuffle,” Lauri said on the show at the time. “He’s in juvenile hall.”

But then escalated to this crime

Josh’s crimes became more serious as he was charged in 2010 with “battery on a spouse or significant other and false imprisonment,” of his spouse, The Hollywood Gossip reports. By 2013 he was charged with stealing a vehicle, plus with “possession of an opium pipe and needle, as well as attempting to destroy evidence.” More arrests for stealing in 2014 as Lauri retreated further from the spotlight to focus on taking care of Josh.

Josh is also a father

Amid growing troubles, Josh became a father to a baby girl, Kennedy. However, Lauri admitted Josh and his wife were in no condition to care for the toddler. She told Bravo, “As most of the viewers know, I have a son and he’s had just a lot of challenges,”she says. “And he and his wife had a baby almost three years ago. He’s really struggling and, well, they’re both really struggling.” Lauri and George adopted Kennedy and are raising her.

Lauri’s life took a dark turn after this happened

In June 2016 police responded to a shooting, ultimately arresting Josh after a police chase, according to The Los Angeles Times. Apparently, Josh visited the victim’s home, known as a drug crash pad and had an altercation with the victim. Josh left but returned later and shots were fired at three people. A man named Daniel was seriously injured.

Josh drove a white BMW to the scene but another car, a blue vehicle, belonging to Bryan Goldstein was also identified in video surveillance. Although both Josh and Bryan were questioned by police, Bryan may have received special treatment. He’s served as an informant in the past and on a pending case.

Is Josh being framed?

Bryan confided in another inmate that he was the shooter but tossed the gun before the cops showed up, according to The Los Angeles Times. But he changed his story once more people were around and said Josh drove the lighter car and was the shooter.

Josh faces a slew of charges including three counts of attempted murder and one count of unlawfully discharging a firearm at an inhabited dwelling, The Los Angeles Times reports. If convicted he could receive a life sentence. Bail was set at $1 million.

This could exonerate him

However, he asserts his innocence. “I’m not nervous because I’m innocent,” he replied to whether he was nervous about the trial. “I didn’t do it,” he told The Los Angeles Times.

He insists he returned to the residence to pick up a friend. Once he arrived Daniel became angry when he saw Josh driving a BMW and smashed the woman’s iPhone into the vehicle’s windshield. “We left and that was the end of that,” Waring told The Los Angeles Times. He never returned. A few hours later when Waring received a shooting alert on his phone, he knew the cops would think he did it.

Lauri goes on the offense

Police tested gunshot residue on Josh, plus he’s agreed to take a polygraph test, The Los Angeles Times reports.  Lauri and Josh’s attorney, Joel Garson appeared on Megyn Kelly Today.  Lauri says after being behind bars for two years, Josh is currently clean from drugs, without any formal rehabilitation.

Garson says the best piece of evidence that Josh did not do this was from the victim himself. He says Daniel “Danny Lopez,” says he is 100% sure that the shots came from the blue car, Garson told Megyn Kelly.

The victim was interviewed on four different occasions that said it was from the blue car. Kelly said the victim has now recanted the statement and said it was indeed the white car. And Daniel filed a civil lawsuit naming Josh as the shooter. However, Lauri asserts the gunshot residue is important. He had no gunshot residue on him but they did not test Bryan. Or the driver’s side from the blue car too.

Garson thinks it is a great case and has never seen this kind of police incompetence and intentional deviation from the truth. Lauri hopes either the case is dismissed or exonerated and leaves Orange County.

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