‘RHOC’: Tamra Judge Promises More to ‘Train’ Story About Kelly Dodd at Reunion Show

Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd from The Real Housewives of Orange County have been at odds this season. The controversial Bravo stars have not only feuded on the screen, but they’ve also taken jabs at each other on social media. Now, the fitness guru is promising more to that “train” story at the reunion show.

Tamra Judge from 'RHOC'
Tamra Judge from ‘RHOC’ | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Tamra Judge has more on the ‘train’ story

Judge invited her fans to ask her questions on Instagram and the housewife did not hold anything back. One of her followers asked why she got involved in the drama with Dodd and questioned why she brought up the train story.

“I actually only said the word train at the table,” Judge replied. “In an effort to stop Vicki [Gunvalson] from talking about it. There’s a lot more to the story that I will get out at the reunion. They did me dirty.”

The whole train story came about when the RHOC ladies were having dinner. When Gunvalson said she had heard more stories about Dodd, Judge blurted out about the train. There was a report online that alleges Dodd was in a sexual act that they call “train,” something she denies she’s ever been involved in.

Does she regret defending Kelly Dodd?

At the beginning of season 14, Jude and Dodd had a cordial friendship but as the season progresses that relationship will deteriorate. Another fan asked if Judge had regretted defending Dodd during the show.

“No, because I felt bad for her,” Judge replied on her Instagram Stories. “I don’t pick favorites when it comes to the show. I’m paid to have an opinion and I’m usually on the morally correct side. If I do something stupid, I expect to be called out and I will do the same.”

Judge also added that she’s tired of Dodd’s “same stupid canned jokes every year.” She also said that she doesn’t like how she’s “being portrayed at all. It’s very upsetting to me and not accurate.”

Can Tamra Judge get Kelly Dodd fired?

Fans that are on Dodd’s side of the battle have claimed that Judge wants her fired from the show. However, the fitness enthusiast says she doesn’t have that kind of power.

“I don’t really have the power to fire or anything like that, but I think Kelly’s probably good TV. People like to watch her act out,” she told Life & Style.

Judge acknowledges that, although she’s not in good terms with Dodd, she does make for riveting television. Viewers like when the controversial housewife acts out as she doesn’t take anyone’s BS. In saying that, Judge does feel that another co-star has a “more interesting” husband than her.

“I’m so tired of seeing marriages fall apart on national TV, to be honest with you. So you know, I just feel like it’s happened so many times on Housewives shows, like I don’t wanna see that anymore,” she explained shading Emily Simpson.

In trying to keeping things fair, Judge does say that her other co-star, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, is a far better example. The latter recently joined RHOC and has a healthy marriage and multiple children.

“Bring on people that have healthy marriages like Braunwyn and her husband, like that’s interesting to watch and see that dynamic,” Judge added. “I’m tired of them promoting people that are coming on the show that have terrible marriages, thinking it’s going to make it better or make it worse. I don’t know.”

Judge has been extremely opinionated this season causing drama for RHOC, something that fans have longed for in a while. The feuds between the reality stars after production will surely make for an interesting reunion show later this year.