‘RHOC’: What Are Shannon Beador’s Dating Rules?

Although Shannon Beador from The Real Housewives of Orange County has settled into a new relationship, she was happy to share her dating rules with viewers.

During Beador’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show, host Andy Cohen played a game called, “Shannon’s Bea-Dating Dos and Don’ts.” Before asking Beador to play the game, Cohen marveled at her new relationship with boyfriend John Janssen. He went so far as to say he preferred Janssen to Beador’s ex-husband David.

Real Housewives star Shannon Beador
Shannon Beador| Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

As Janssen sat in the WWHL audience, Beador was put in the hot seat and asked about what she would do or would not do on a first date. Plus Cohen dove deeper and wanted to know about dating post-divorce too.

She has some pretty surprising answers

Like many WWHL games, Cohen launched into some rapid-fire questions about what Beador would or wouldn’t do on a first date. When it comes to going dutch on the dinner check, Beador said she’d prefer to have her date to pay. She also said if she doesn’t really know her date, she’d rather meet him at the restaurant or venue rather than having pick her up at her home.

But she was a little freer when it came to what to eat on a date. Should you eat garlic? Sure, Beador says. But what about kissing on the first date? Viewers saw previews of Beador lip-locked with several suitors. “Make-out,” she says straight-faced.

She reigned it in when it comes to drinking on a first date. “A couple of cocktails,” she says seemed fine. Beador also said it is not cool to get into dating history or your previous marriage on a first date either.

What about going ‘all the way?’

Even though Beador would kiss on the first date, she’s not comfortable with a one-night stand. “No one night stands,” she asserts. “Shoes on!” Not even on a third date either, which prompted Cohen to asked which date would she go “all the way.” True to her nature, Beador says you need to get to know the person first. “Sex is a commitment,” she emphatically states.

But what about introducing a new boyfriend to the kids after a month of dating? She sheepishly says, “Well, that happened to me.” Perhaps she made the introductions because she’s been very public about how in love she is with Janssen.

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“I’ve never been happier. I’m in a really great place,” she told US Weekly. “My friends have known him for 30 years, so I didn’t have to make sure he was there for the right reasons. … He’s just a great person. I have a great connection with him. … I’m very much in love.”

Plus, her daughters approve too. “They are [protective], but they want me to be happy,” she added.