‘RHOC’s’ Emily Simpson Spills on Her Status with Husband Shane and His Second Attempt at the Bar Exam

Emily Simpson and her husband Shane have been getting plenty of air time on Season 14 of Real Housewives of Orange County. Unfortunately seeing the couple in distress a good deal of the time, Simpson recently shared that her husband has been often made “the villian” on the show, with the stress of his studying for the bar exam putting heavy pressure on their relationship.

“Real Housewives of Orange County” Emily Simpson | Sam Wasson/Getty Images

A tough phase for Simpson and Shane

The couple, who wed in 2009, share daughter Annabelle, 6, and 4-year-old twin boys Luke and Keller. Shane also has two children from his previous marriage. 

Simpson and her husband have been airing their grievances with each other this season including on the September 10 episode where Simpson brought up his time away from the family to study for the bar exam. “I feel very upset and resentful towards you. And I know you feel upset and resentful towards me,” Simpson told her husband, as reported by People. “We’re not good at communicating. We didn’t talk at all while you were taking the bar exam and then you came home and then we really didn’t talk at all.”

The reality star recently confessed watching herself and Shane display their issues on the air is tough to watch, “It’s real, it’s authentic and it sucks. A lot of times I just want to cover my eyes. When we started filming, we were just not in the best place in our marriage,” Simpson revealed, according to Us Weekly.

She joked about her husband being portrayed as the bad guy on the show, but says the two are doing better as a couple. “Shane and I are really good [now]… Everybody likes a good villain. He was trending on Twitter!” she said.

Failed the first time

Simpson, who is a copyright lawyer in California, knew firsthand the challenge Shane was facing in taking the bar exam. His failing the test has brought more pressure to the relationship. “Obviously, I know exactly what it takes to pass a bar exam,” Simpson told Us Weekly. “I’ve been through it. I did it… He’s never said, ‘I resent you because you passed and I didn’t,’ but I’m sure there’s a level there, where it’s like, ‘His wife passed the bar exam and he’s had to take it multiple times.’”

Despite not passing, Simpson praised her husband for taking on the challenge with with the vast RHOC audience tuning in. “I mean, it was devastating to not pass… I’ve said before, I feel badly, but I give him a lot of credit for doing what he did, and he did it with millions of people watching,” Simpson said, according to Bravo TV’s Daily Dish. “I mean, when I took the bar exam in ’05, it was like, just my family knew I was taking it. And for him to go through that and to take it and for millions of people to judge and have opinions about it, I mean, I think that was a pretty brave thing to do.”

Simpson recalled the the upheaval it caused the family to support Shane’s endeavor, making the failure all the more difficult. “It was a huge thing in our family that was like everybody sacrificing so Shane could take the bar exam,” the RHOC star shared. “I’m taking care of the kids, his parents are helping, his sister’s helping, it was like the whole Simpson family was all running around doing all these things so he could take the bar exam. And then for him not to pass, it was pretty devastating.”

Second time around

Shane has already taken the bar exam for a second time. “He took it again in July, and we don’t get the results until November. With my luck, it will be the day of the reunion,” Simpson joked.

For now, Simpson is staying hopeful but quiet. “I don’t ask him about it. He obviously doesn’t want to talk about it if we all go back to [earlier this season] where I was trying to ask him about the bar exam, and he had no desire to talk about it at all,” she said. “I did ask him, ‘Well, what happens if you didn’t pass? Do you have a plan?’ He’s like, ‘I don’t know. I’ll probably take it again.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my god, OK.'”

The reality star is already trying to think ahead, knowing they have to plan differently if a third try becomes necessary. “I just feel like if he takes it again, there just has to be a different system in place. It can’t be he’s just gone all day studying and all the brunt of taking care of the kids is on me,” she said. “He just has to figure out he still has to be around, and then he has to study a couple hours after work or something. I don’t know, like a different system.”

Fans are sure to stay tuned to find out the results. Watch Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo TV!