‘RHOD’ Star Kameron Westcott Opened Up About the Loss Of Her 15-Year-Old Dog

From Real Housewives of Dallas episodes to numerous Instagram pictures to several red carpets to even the couch on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, if you’ve seen Kameron Westcott then you’ve most likely seen her Yorkshire Terrier, Louis.

On September 8, the Westcotts lost the honorary member of their family, and it’s been devastating for them to say the least. She called the dog “her rock” and said she’s reminded of him continuously as almost everything in her house makes her think of him.

After adopting Louis in college, the now 36-year-old remembered all the monumental moments her dog has been apart of including her engagement to Court, their wedding, countless birthdays and holidays, and the births of her children.

Even though Westcott will miss Louis tremendously, his legacy will live on as the mascot of her dog food brand, Sparkledog.

Kameron Westcott and Louis
Kameron Westcott | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Kameron Westcott adopted her dog while in college

At 21-years-old, while still in college, Westcott adopted Louis, a Yorkshire Terrier. In an exclusive interview with People, she explained he used to inspect everyone the California native dated. If Louis didn’t like the prospect, he would “literally growl” at them, ending the potential romance. Westcott said the first person Louis liked was her now-husband, Court.

Kameron Westcott’s dog helped with her proposal

While Westcott, Louis, and her then-boyfriend, Court, were in Highland Park, Court asked Westcott to get a treat for Louis out of the dog’s backpack. When she did, she found the diamond ring her boyfriend put in there for him, and he proposed to her.

Louis attended their wedding in a tuxedo and was present for all subsequent birthdays and holidays. Westcott remembered Louis used to stare at her stomach while she was pregnant, and welcomed her home from the hospital when she gave birth to both of her children (Hilton, 8 and Cruise, 6).

Kameron Westcott created Sparkledog for her dog

Around 2017, Westcott launched a dog food brand, Sparkledog, for Louis. She came up with the idea because her dog has “sensitive eating habits,” and she wanted to create a food that he would love to eat.

Although Louis had been eating the specialized food for a while, it was not available in stores until about a year later, where her dog is the mascot of the brand. Louis tried a new food recipe that he loved, and Westcott was awaiting the shipment of it when her dog passed away.

Kameron Westcott’s dog passed away at the age of 15

On September 8, the Westcotts lost their family friend. While the death was hard on her and her husband, she said telling her kids was the hardest. Therefore, they hired a therapist to help make the process at least somewhat more manageable.

Westcott said the children drew pictures of Louis “so they could remember him” and carried around the mahogany box that holds his ashes. They also ask to bring it to sports games and in the car, “treating the ashes as if it’s him.” Watch Real Housewives of Dallas Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.