‘RHONJ’: Has Jackie Goldschneider Been Fired from the Show?

Jackie Goldschneider and Andy Cohen
Jackie Goldschneider and Andy Cohen | Jackie Goldschneider via Instagram

Jackie Goldschneider is one of two new housewives to join Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ.) Her first season has been full of ups and downs since she hasn’t always gotten along with Teresa Giudice. Now, she is combatting rumors that she has been fired. So what is the truth? Here is everything you need to know.

Jackie Goldschneider said her mom asked her if she was fired on Real Housewives of New Jersey

Real Housewives of New Jersey
Real Housewives of New Jersey | Tommy Garcia/Bravo

There were rumors that Goldschneider was fired after her first season on the reality show. She revealed that even her mother asked her about it.

So my mom called me and she’s like, ‘I just want to know if you were fired.’ I’m like, ‘Listen, anyone could say anything they want on Twitter, and then one person reposts it and suddenly it’s true,’” the new reality star told Us Weekly. “I said, ‘If I have something to tell you, I will tell you.’ And I can’t confirm or deny anything, right? And that’s the spot that you’re in.”

The columnist can’t comment but she did tweet a response to the rumors. What did she have to say?

She tweeted that unconfirmed scoops should be thrown in the garbage

The housewife laughed off the rumors by tweeting on Feb. 5, “If someone’s “scoop” about me is prefaced as unconfirmed, you might wanna chuck it in the garbage.”

Us Weekly also asked her to comment on the tweet. “[The fans] can take from it what they want,” she said. Jennifer Aydin also backed up Goldschneider’s claim of casting being unconfirmed by saying “We’re in limbo right now.”

Teresa Giudice and Goldschneider reportedly had drama at the reunion

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Giudice | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

The cast has already filmed their reunion. It sounds like it will be an explosive ending to a dramatic season.

Giudice and Goldschneider had drama during the season when Goldschneider defended Melissa Gorga when talking about whether or not a wife can control her husband. Goldschneider wasn’t afraid to also bring up Joe Gorga being in prison. So it’s probably not surprising that the two reportedly had more drama at the reunion.

A source told Page Six that Giudice “really went after” Goldschneider at the reunion. “Teresa went hard,” revealed the source and “Jackie stood her ground.”

That wasn’t the only thing from their past that was brought up. “The picture that came out on social media of Jackie at Teresa’s book signing was a big conversation,” said the source.

It has been revealed that Goldschneider went to Giudice’s book signing with her kids and the two even took a picture together. Fans will have to wait and see how that conversation goes down.

Andy Cohen previously teased that the new housewives for Season 9 would hold their own. “They really do!” he told The Cheat Sheet. “The new girls really hold their own. I’m very pleasantly surprised. We did it. We’re on a roll with Jersey. Margaret [Josephs] and then the two new girls. We’re three for three.”

Josephs returned for another season so it would be pretty shocking that Goldschneider would be fired after that comparison. It also sounds like she is living up to the hype since she is still taking on the show’s biggest star. But fans will have to wait for a confirmed report on who will return next season.

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