‘RHONJ’: Is Joe and Teresa Giudice’s Marriage Officially Over?

The fate of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s marriage has been hanging in the balance for years. The formerly hot and heavy couple has spent years apart. First, Teresa served a prison sentence, and just as she came home, Joe was sent off to serve his stint in lockup for fraud charges. Joe’s sentence was substantially longer and further complicated by his immigration status. Now, the couple reunited briefly in Italy, but has the time apart proved fatal for the couple’s marriage? It looks like it.  

What is Joe Giudice’s immigration status?

Joe was released from ICE custody, but he wasn’t allowed to head back to the New Jersey home he shared with his wife and four daughters. Instead, Joe was ordered to leave the country while he continues to appeal a decision that will ensure he never steps foot on American soil again. The father of four flew to Italy in October, where his mother and brother were awaiting his arrival.

eresa Giudice and Joe Giudice attend the Posche Fashion show at The Bottagra on December 3, 2012
HAWTHORNE, NJ – DECEMBER 03: Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Joe will remain in Italy unless his appeal is granted. Right now, he’s working with immigration lawyers to appeal the deportation order that was handed down when he was sentenced to 41-months in jail. According to USA Today, Joe immigrated from Italy to the United States when he was just an infant. He has lived in the states ever since as a permanent resident but never applied for citizenship. Under immigration laws, a permanent resident can have their status revoked if they commit certain crimes. Giudice’s crimes, which include wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and mail fraud, are considered crimes worthy of deportation. There is no word on when the final ruling will be announced.

If Joe returns to the United States, will his marriage survive?

It doesn’t look like Joe’s immigration status will make much of a difference for his marriage, though. Last year, Teresa noted that if Joe was unable to return to the United States that a divorce was likely. She claims she has no desire to uproot the lives of her children to live in Italy. Now, however, it seems like the couple’s marriage is over regardless of where Joe will reside.

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Radar Online spoke to an inside source, who claims the reunion between the pair didn’t go particularly well. According to the alleged source, who has not been named, tensions ran high, and the couple argued for much of the four days they were together. There is allegedly tension in the family, too, with Joe’s mother and brother icing Teresa out due to her poor treatment of Joe while he was locked up.

Teresa failed to visit Joe during the majority of his prison term and did not visit him while he was locked away in an ICE facility, either. Instead, she appeared to be running around the northeast with a much younger man, whom she alleges is just a friend. There have been rumors swirling that Teresa has been romancing the 26-year-old real estate developer while her husband was away, though.

Infidelity rumors plague the couple

Teresa and Joe are both seemingly suspicious of their spouses. According to a recent interview, Joe alleges he was faithful for the entirety of Teresa’s 15-month sentence. Teresa, however, isn’t buying it. Whether or not Joe was actually committed remains unknown, but it’s important to remember any infidelity would have happened more than three years ago.

Teresa’s infidelity is allegedly much more recent. The 26-year-old she has been spotted with, Blake Schreck, is reportedly just a friend, but the pair were spotted holding hands and getting cozy back in February 2019. She was spotted with him again over the summer, while Joe was in the custody of ICE agents. Joe doesn’t seem to be buying Teresa’s friendship angle, and the pair may part ways over the suspicions alone.

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Aside from rumored cheating, it’s important to note that the pair haven’t been in the same room together in years. It’s hard to say whether they managed to retain the chemistry they once had, and that’s an issue that both appeared to be concerned about. The recent trip to Italy is said to have cemented those concerns. If the couple really did spend the four-day trip arguing, then it’s safe to say reconciliation is unlikely. In snapshots posted to Instagram, the pair, admittedly, look a bit like strangers.