‘RHONJ’: Jackie Goldschneider on If She’s Going to Be in the Next Season

Jackie Goldschneider joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey back in 2018. Though she’s not regarded as one of the most dramatic housewives by fans, she’s had her fair share of drama. She hasn’t always gotten along with Teresa Giudice or Jennifer Aydin, for example. Ever since her first season, there have been rumors that Jackie won’t be returning for the next season. Once again, Jackie is commenting on those rumors.

Jackie Goldschneider on 'Watch What Happens Live'
Jackie Goldschneider | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The first rumor that suggested Jackie Goldschneider was fired from ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’

After her first season on RHONJ, there was a rumor going around that Jackie had been fired from the series. The reality star’s mother even called her asking about it.

“So my mom called me and she’s like, ‘I just want to know if you were fired.’ I’m like, ‘Listen, anyone could say anything they want on Twitter, and then one person reposts it and suddenly it’s true,’” Jackie told Us Weekly in February 2019. “I said, ‘If I have something to tell you, I will tell you.’ And I can’t confirm or deny anything, right? And that’s the spot that you’re in.”

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“If someone’s ‘scoop’ about me is prefaced as unconfirmed, you might wanna chuck it in the garbage,” she tweeted in response to the rumors at the time.

Us Weekly asked Jackie what she meant by her tweet.

“[The fans] can take from it what they want,” she responded.

Of course, Jackie was indeed in the next season of RHONJ. The rumor wasn’t true.

Will Jackie Goldschneider be on the next season of ‘RHONJ’?

Once again, fans are wondering if Jackie will be returning to RJONJ.

“Will we be seeing you on the next season of Real Housewives of New Jersey?” asked Domenick Nati on July 22 on The Domenick Nati Show.

“I’m not allowed to talk about next season but that’s the plan,” she replied.

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When Nati brought up that he’d heard more rumors about her “leaving the show,” she said: “Oh, no.” 

“I haven’t heard any rumors about me leaving the show, I’ll just leave it at that,” she said.

Nati asked if the reality star could reveal if the show would be filming soon.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to get in trouble. I don’t know if I’m allowed to give any of that away. I hope so. I don’t plan on going anywhere. So that’s the best I can say,” she said.

So it’s probably a safe bet that Jackie will be in the upcoming season of RHONJ. But when the season will come out is another question.

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