‘RHONJ’: Joe Giudice Told Agents Where to Visit in Italy and They Took Selfies With Him

During the highly anticipated interview with the Giudices, Joe Giudice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey recounts how he was released from custody.

The couple spent time in prison for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. Teresa Giudice served her time first so she could return home to care for the couple’s four daughters. Giudice served a 41-month sentence, but because he was not a United States citizen, he was deported back to his home country of Italy.

Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice
Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Bravo producer Andy Cohen recorded a sit-down interview with the couple from New York to Italy. In an exclusive Bravo Insider clip, Giudice recounts the release process, detailing how he left custody, along with the odd quirks associated with celebrity.

He wasn’t handcuffed as he left ICE

Cohen wanted to know how Giudice was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody. “They wanted to handcuff me,” he recounts. “But I was like, ‘Listen ‘I’m not gonna get in no handcuffs.’ They are like, ‘Are you gonna behave?’ And I’m like, ‘What the hell am I gonna do?’ If I wanted to leave, I would like kick your butts and leave.” As Giudice speaks, the camera shows Cohen’s expressive reaction.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are seen outside a federal criminal court
Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are seen outside a federal criminal court |Alo Ceballos/GC Images

But Giudice claims he just wanted to leave so agents agreed to not handcuff him. “Oh and then when we got to the airport, we left from Washington,” he continues. “So basically we got to meet all these other security guards. I don’t know who it was DAA, or DA or whatever the hell you wanna call them.”

Then he says he had two immigration officers flanking him on each side. “They are taking selfies with me the whole time,” he says. Cohen can’t resist commenting, “Tax dollars.”

Giudice told the officers where to have fun in Rome

He recalls being surrounded by officers for the entire flight. “One guy carried a gun on the plane, I don’t know … I’m a very dangerous guy I guess,” he jokes. He adds the officers stood on the plane until they arrived in Rome.

When they arrived, “I told [the officers] where to go to have a good time, ” he says. “Because they were staying there until Monday. So they were heading out to a few islands … Naples and then they were headed back home.”

Joe Giudice attends the Fabellini Bottle Signing
Joe Giudice attends the Fabellini Bottle Signing |Bobby Bank/WireImage

Cohen wanted to confirm that Giudice gave the ICE officers restaurant recommendations. “Yeah, I gave them recommendations to go and have a good time,” Giudice smiles.

Giudice said he learned his lesson

In a previous Bravo clip, Giudice said the prison and deportation experience was life-changing. “You just gotta look forward and never look back. Life, it’s always better to look through the windshield, and not through the rearview mirror,” he said. “You know, it’s a much bigger picture when you are looking through the windshield.”

He reflected on the mistakes he made too.  “At the end of the day, people make mistakes,” he added. “Nobody’s perfect. Alright, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson from all this and I know my family is the most important thing to me.”

Toward the end of the clip, he assured his family and fans he’s in a better place now. “It’s better that I’m here than in there,” he remarked.