‘RHONJ’: Margaret Josephs Forgave Teresa Giuduce But Not Danielle Staub for the Hair Pull: ‘She Has a Heart; It’s Just Black’

Real Housewives of New Jersey knows how to step it up when it comes to entertainment and ratings.

Some people may have thought their newest season wouldn’t compare to previous ones in light of the pandemic, but they’re sorely mistaken. Even the cast thought it would be more of a ‘love fest’ since being away from each other for so long.

Instead, fans are in for a big treat as there is so much more raw emotion, and when there is a lot of raw emotion among strong female leads, there’s bound to be some drama.

What fans can look forward to this season on ‘RHONJ’

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In an interview with Danny Pellegrino, Delores Catania and Margaret Josephs sat down and recapped what fans can expect from their newest RHONJ season, from what was meant to be a lovey-dovey reunion to what actually ended up happening.

“There’s so much raw emotion. Like I’ve seen fights and things happen in relationships amongst everybody that I didn’t think we had it in us anymore,” Catania explained. “We didn’t know where it came from because we went into this season with one less housewife, no international trips, you can’t travel. But we showed up … And we were very forthright about everything that’s going on in our lives, in our personal lives, in our relationships. We are just raw and honest.”

“I thought that we’re gonna have a love fest this season. I was like, ‘I haven’t been physically with these girls. I’m gonna see them. We’re going to Evan’s birthday party.’ I was so excited to physically be back with everybody,” Josephs added. “And I thought it was gonna be so lovey-dovey. I was like, ‘Wow, this is so f***ed up. What is with everybody?'”

Recap on the iconic christening episode

Margaret Josephs
Margaret Josephs | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

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Pellegrino compared the whole ordeal to ‘the christening episode’ from season 3, episode one’s “In the Name of the Father.” Catania confirmed, “Danny, you’re gonna see something that’s gonna remind you of that.”

In case you don’t remember, ‘the christening episode’ was season three’s premiere that popped off the season with a shocking family feud between Teresa and the Gorga family. Melissa, Teresa’s sister-in-law, plans to throw the best christening for her son Joey and is upset with what she considered to be a late ‘congrats’ from Teresa. From there, a brawl breaks out, and emotions get high. 

Season 11 just started, and there’s already an explosive fight 

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Just like episode one of season three, season 11 premiered with an explosive fight between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider. Amidst rumors of Goldschneider’s husband Evan having an affair, Goldschneider was caught off guard by Giudice spreading rumors. Then Goldschneider referenced Gia, and all hell broke loose. 

“She pushed me to my limit, I reached a boiling point, and I needed to make her understand how hurtful words could be,” Goldschneider told us. “I did present it [Gia] as an analogy. And I think the fact that she missed that was the reason why she exploded. But I think most people can tell that that was an analogy.”

With the rest of the season well on its way to debuting, there are still more exciting surprises for fans to watch. Whether it be through love, anger, jealousy, or friendship–there’s certainly a lot of raw emotion you won’t want to miss out on.