‘RHONY:’ Bethenny Frankel Has Hilarious Conversation About Fights on the Show With Her Daughter

During a “design meeting” with daughter Bryn, Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City faced some pretty tough and funny questions about why the ladies fight on the show.

Mother and daughter (and it appears Bryn has a friend helping too) were deep in a design meeting, which included naming designs after the family’s pups and plenty of snacks. And while the meeting was very productive, somehow the conversation turned to fights on RHONY.

Bethenny Frankel |Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage

Frankel posted the conversation to her Instagram story. “Tell me again,” she asks. “They do not make us fight.” A small voice in the background says, “They don’t.”

Frankel tries to break it down in third-grade terms

Bryn and her pal appear to be waiting for clarification on why there is so much fighting on the show. “But its like if you two were put in…like with a camera and a bunch of girls that happen to be from third grade,” Frankel describes. “And they just followed everything you did all the time.”

But Bryn wonders if the friendships on the show are actually true. “So like you have fake friends and people make you fight with them,” Frankel’s curious daughter asks. “No,” Frankel laughs.

She clarifies the friendships

She reaffirms the friendships are not fake. “It is people you become friends with because you’ve worked with them for so long,” Frankel describes. “And then people make you fight,” Bryn adds.

“Nobody makes you fight,” Frankel reitterates. “Why do you guys fight at the schoolyard? Over nothing it doesn’t matter. Why do people sometimes hit each other and get into fights over toys?”

But Bryn still really wants to know why the ladies fight so much. When Frankel asks why they fight in the schoolyard the girls burst out laughing. “You have to understand that you don’t like the other person,” Bryn says between giggles. “So don’t talk to them!” Sounds like some pretty solid advice.

Frankel recounts the nutcracker fight

Bryn reminds her mother that they are children. “We’re so crazy we don’t understand what’s going on,” she keeps laughing. So Frankel says, “We’re the same! We’re like crazy children that don’t understand what to do also!”

Frankel wants to make sure Bryn understands (again) no one on the show is forced to fight. “And we’re not acting. We are just with people in a very intense environment where…” The girls cannot stop laughing.

When Frankel asks why they are laughing, Bryn says, “Why do you have so many reasons to fight?” When Frankel asks what the girls fight over, Bryn’s friend admitted someone had a fight over a Post-It. OMG. “A Post-It!” she says. “That’s what I would get into a fight with Luann about, a Post-It,” Frankel jokingly admits.

Then Frankel reveals what she got into a major fight about. “I once got into a major fight with somebody over a nutcracker!” Bryn asks, “Really? Like you kicked and punched?” Frankel laughs and confirms there was no physical violence. “We talk with our works,” she laughs into the camera. She adds that when you get a lot of women together, conflict happens. Plus if you go on a trip, ladies fight about who gets the bigger room. Bryn drops, “We don’t fight about a bigger sized room,” a child’s voice says the background. OMG, amazing.

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