‘RHONY’: Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Why Reality Stars Should Be Truthful On Television

Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City said reality cast members who lie about contracts or even plastic surgery are doing a disservice to viewers.

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Museum of Ice Cream

Frankel discussed the reality spotlight on the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast, sharing that being truthful can make reality television actually real. But Frankel has her limits to what she is willing to share.

“The irony is, I’m a very private person,” she admitted. “I always have been and I still am. Going through a breakup, it is private, but that’s not the things in my life that are the most private, and it’s not like big buckets or

“Like my daughter’s private,” she continued. “How I feel about things, how I process information, my plan, my strategy, that’s private. The small stuff is more private to me than just big f**kin’ categories. Who I am is more private. Why relationships may or may not work for me is private, but that the relationship didn’t work is not private to me.”

Bethenny Frankel recalls how one cast member admitted to being fired

But she’s open about many other aspects of her life, including her exit from the series. “I just left,” she said. “I left last year, which is a pretty big disruptive move. I just chose to leave and there was an extraordinary amount of money that was being paid, so it was an interesting time to leave and most Housewives don’t leave. They’re usually fired, but then there’s some spin about being neutral, but it was a big deal to leave. Especially when I was at the top in that regard of being paid, but I just left.”

Housewives will often say they “left” a series when in reality they were fired. “In doing that show to open myself up and be vulnerable about what was going on in my life, if it can help somebody else,” Frankel said. “That’s the thing. There was a woman who was on the Housewives that was fired. And she was honest about being fired.”

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“I thought that that was admirable, not just because she was being honest, but because it could help other people because other people, especially right now are being fired,” she remarked. “To just bullsh*t everyone and have some false narrative isn’t helping anybody.”

Being untruthful about plastic surgery doesn’t help either

Another sticking point for Frankel is when cast members lie about having plastic surgery. Many of the Housewives look incredible but some aren’t truthful about the work they’ve had done.

“People getting plastic surgery and lying about it, it’s not helping other women,” Frankel pointed out. “You’re hiding and you’re pretending everything’s real and that’s lying.”

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Frankel recently shared a makeup-free selfie on Instagram to prove she keeps it natural. “The more I see photos on social media that are filtered, contoured, eyelashed, extensioned, & retouched – the more important it is to post #nofilter, real, everyday photos. I want to show our daughters (and sons) a realistic female image,” she captioned the image.

She also discussed the image in her Instagram story.  “I’ve earned these lines,” she wrote, Page Six reports. “And no filler … Look at my mouth. These lips don’t lie.”