‘RHONY’: Bethenny Frankel Reveals Ex Jason Hoppy Used Calls with Daughter to Harass Her

Love doesn’t always end up in happily ever afters. Sometimes relationships end with people hoping to never see one another again. Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel probably falls into the latter category when it comes to her ex, Jason Hoppy. But since the two share a daughter, the split couldn’t be a clean break.

After getting married in 2010 and having their daughter Bryn soon after, the couple separated in 2012. For years since the split, the two have been fighting over custody of their daughter.

Throughout the case, Frankel has alleged that her ex has been abusive. During a court proceeding on Monday, the reality star presented a video that backed up her claims.

Frankel’s video of abuse

“I have a video I recorded,” Frankel said in court. “I was trying to FaceTime Bryn and I experienced every day and every time I tried to do that, Jason using it as a tool to taunt and harass me. That day I recorded our correspondence — that weekend was Mother’s Day weekend, Bryn’s birthday and birthday party and celebration.”

The 2015 video wasn’t the only abuse that Frankel allegedly received that day.

“He sent me a series of abusive emails that day,” she continued. “He called me a wise ass, he mocked me, he said I needed to seek help and told me if I couldn’t control my behavior I shouldn’t come to her birthday party. Making me feel not welcome,” she said. “It was Jason’s party for her and Jason’s parents and friends surrounded her so I just stood back. … I’m the outsider.”

Frankel claimed that she would receive these kind of messages at least two times a day during this time and that she was now at a loss as to how move forward.

“I have tried everything,” she said. “I have tried a brave face, parent coordinating, pleading, ignoring, blocking, surrogates. I have tried everything to collaborate and work in the best interest of my daughter. What is best for Bryn is the rational person making good decisions. Everybody just wants to protect their kids.”

She continued, stating that no matter what she did, she couldn’t get a reprieve from her ex.

“Jason always finds a way to be destructive and not coordinating,” she continued. “If he can’t get through the door, he gets through the window. He finds creative ways to torture me when no one is looking. He will always find a way to be menacing and try to hurt me and that is not the best interest of Bryn. He puts hurting me over making good decisions. He has made bad decisions since 2012 when he vowed to destroy my life.”

Frankel’s part in the drama

But Frankel isn’t completely innocent in the relationship. She apparently called Hoppy names as well.

“You called him white trash, correct?” Hoppy’s lawyer Robert Wallack asked during the hearing.

When she responded that she actually called her ex-hubsband’s family the offensive term, Wallack had her read a transcript from 2014 where she testified to calling Hoppy “white trash.”

The lawyer had to ask Frankel a second time before she finally admitted to the accusation.

She also admitted to throwing water on her ex, as well.

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