‘RHONY’: Bethenny Frankel Says ‘New Abnormal’ Mask Photo Reported ‘Offensive’ and Removed on Instagram

Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City shared a photo that was removed from Instagram after being reported as “offensive.” The photo, which she also shared on Twitter and Instagram, was a mother-daughter photo of the two wearing tie-dye masks and the comment, “The new abnormal.”

Bethenny Frankel from 'RHONY'
Bethenny Frankel| John Lamparski/Getty Images

“My recent mask post was taken down. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a post miraculously disappear….,” she tweeted when suddenly her image vanished. She joked about the instance when she learned social media had a huge technical issue. The image was shared on both Twitter and Instagram.

“Me topless….nope just kidding, my peanut & I in masks BUT it’s not us. Apparently, there is a major tech breakdown,” she wrote. Since then the image was restored to Instagram. But later Frankel learned people reported the image as being “offensive.”

Bethenny Frankel said the post was reported as ‘offensive’

Frankel’s next tweet re-addressed the removed image. She said perhaps the tech issues were not the reason it was removed. “UMMMMMMMMMM ‘People reported it as offensive and it got automatically taken down by instagram.’ Am I missing something????” she tweeted.

She was clearly annoyed and added, “PUTTING THAT F**KER BACK UP NOW: PLEASE LIKE IT!” A number of followers on Twitter replied that the image was still on the platform with many realizing it was only removed on Instagram. Nonetheless, several followers re-shared her image along with their own mask-wearing photos to support her.

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Others on Twitter wondered if she got booted for calling this the new abnormal. “But it’s not normal. It IS abnormal. Can’t say something nag bud normal when we have just started doing. And if it’s the new normal we are screwed,” one person remarked. Another person added, “WTF ? Millions of people post pictures in their mask.”

She jokes about putting the mask on her a**

Frankel had a pretty good sense of humor about the instance. “Maybe if I put a mask on my ass & wear it as a thong, the post won’t be taken down? That’s our culture now….,” she tweeted with her signature snark.

The photo was restored to Instagram. “This got taken down by Instagram for what reason???? LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN! ANY PROBLEMS? The new abnormal,” she re-stated along with the photo. She had more comments on the photo, with one person asking why she is wearing a mask outside. “We are in a town and near restaurants etc.,” Frankel replied.

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First official weekend of summer ✔️

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Others were still stunned that the photo became so controversial. “This is the most APPROPRIATE picture on Instagram… 💕💕💕,” a fan responded on Instagram. With another person adding, “Shouldn’t have been taken down in the first place. 😘😷”

Only a few days earlier she shared another mother-daughter photo but used heart emojis to shield her child’s face. “First official weekend of summer ✔️💕,” she wrote. The post remained on Instagram without issue.