‘RHONY’: Carole Radziwill Receives Backlash Over ‘Necklace’

Carole Radizwill from The Real Housewives of New York City recently shared that she personally designed a “necklace” that pulls double duty.

Radzwill shared a story to Instagram about a trip she took where she realized in mid-flight that she forgot something important. “The craziest thing happened to me on the way to Los Angeles. Somewhere over Kansas,  I remembered I’d forgotten to pack my favorite vibrator. It’s called the Vesper and I love it (swipe to see closeup). I panicked,” she wrote.

Carole Radziwill
Carole Radziwill | Hikari Yokoyama/WireImage

Thankfully, Radziwill’s traveling companion is close friends with the founder of Crave, the company that carries the Vesper. Her friend sent a quick text to the founder, Ti Chang and Radizwill had a replacement the next day. “He connected us on text and the next morning a new 24k gold Vesper arrived at my hotel. Crisis averted. ,” Radziwill wrote.

Turns out that the vibrator doubles as an attractive necklace too. “I told Ti how much I loved the Vesper, not only as a vibrator but as a necklace too,” she added. “That’s right the Vesper is an elegant necklace that double as a vibrator. Girls always ask me about the necklace and when I tell them it is also a vibrator they all want it.”

Radziwill has her own personal design now

Radziwill now has her own Vesper design, offered through Crave. “Ti asked if I would like to create my own limited edition Vesper,” she continued in her original post. “Yesssss! I wanted to personalize it, so in #Rhony style I came up with my own tag line. “DON’T KILL MY VIBE” which is discreetly engraved on the side. So here it is (⛓in bio) to order your limited edition necklace/vibe. I promise all your girlfriends will want one.”

The Carole Radziwill Vesper is offered in three colors and retails for $69 at Crave. The words, “Don’t kill my vibe” are inscribed along the side. The piece is well-reviewed and almost has five stars.

She’s receiving some backlash

For the most part, people reacted positively to Radziwill’s original post. But some posted negative comments. “@CaroleRadziwill Why would you lower yourself down to this level. I thought you were classier than that! #RHONY,” one person tweeted.

Radziwill had the best response. “I don’t want to blow your world up but I have to tell you that just like boys, girls masturbate. It’s really fine. If I find a cheeky way to do that and want to share that’s fine too. Order one and all your girlfriends will be jelly. Promise.”

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She also took down another person who tried to shame her for proudly discussing the product too. The person on Twitter insisted this topic should be kept private and not discussed. “Says who? You? Lol. Coming from someone who openly supports a president who admitted to grabbing women by the pussy -you better check yourself. So don’t lecture me about values. One good thing Trump has done is exposed the hypocrisy of many of the ‘family values’ christian right.”