‘RHONY’: Dorinda Medley Says Ramona Singer Is ‘Trying to Promote This Thing That I’m Angry’

Dorinda Medley from The Real Housewives of New York City shared that Ramona Singer is trying to create a storyline that portrays Medley as an angry person.

Dorinda Medley from 'RHONY'
Dorinda Medley | Sophy Holland/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Medley admits to having a rough time while she was filming this season. She struggled with a string of hardships and heartbreaks and says she was upset. But instead of trying to paint a narrative that she’s an angry person, Medley can’t understand why Singer wouldn’t have instead embraced her.

While she is frustrated with Singer’s behavior, she says Singer is attacking the entire cast. Viewers watched as Sonja Morgan expressed frustration with Singer during Luann de Lesseps’ Halloween party. She shared that Singer only thought of herself. Plus, Singer ghosted Elyse Slaine shortly after she became part of the cast.

‘She still is kind of trying to promote this thing that I’m angry’

Medley says Singer latched onto a storyline and ran with it. “Even to this day,” she continued, “she still is kind of trying to promote this thing that I’m angry, I’m this, I’m that- I think… from my perspective, she got a storyline and she kind of went with it,” she told Celeb.

“Even when she came to the Berkshires [on last night’s episode], I was happy,” she continued. “She kind of tries to do the happy thing with me, but behind the scenes in the interviews- in the light of the day she’s trying to- I’m fully willing- I invited her, I welcome her. But her interviews are still- before the Berkshires she’s [saying I’m] so angry. It’s almost like a promo piece. It’s very sort of like of our moment in time- if you say it enough, it becomes true.”

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“Ramona does well with smear campaigns. ‘Let me smear you’- so that becomes the focus. Not about what we need to talk to, but something degrading, defamatory, and hurtful so that we start from that place. The truth of the matter is she was wrong,” Medley added.

Medley says Singer is deflecting away from herself

Medley knew Singer brought her to the birthday location site to get a free event. “She literally- the other girls said… she brought us there to get a free party. Just admit it… just say that. She made it out like we were going out downtown for a quick thing because she needed herself. I had an appointment at 5 I missed. It was like five hours. And then she ignored us and… then had us do promo pictures… everything was agenda based.”

“I just didn’t feel like Ramona… she sends me these weird articles, like anger articles,” Medley said. “It’s like what are you doing? First of all, this happened seven months ago, we’re upon going to the reunion, and she has acted terribly during [what I call] the plague.”

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“Ramona’s systematically doing it to everyone,” Medley added. “Me. Elyse. Sonja. There’s just sort of seems like this thing [with Ramona]- Leah, you’re this, you’re disgusting. Dorinda, you’re angry. Sonja, you’re fat. There just seems to be this theme of [Ramona thinking/acting like she’s] better than everybody… I went through a bad patch it doesn’t make me a loser. [If she was truly my friend] she would’ve supported me. It really hurt. It really hurt that instead of being a safe place to fall, she was right there with the wolves to grab me and pull me down.”