‘RHONY’: Dorinda Medley Shares Why She Was so Upset About the Flood at Blue Stone Manor

Dorinda Medley from The Real Housewives of New York City recently shared that her anxiety about the flood at her home in the Berkshires had more to do with sentimental than monetary reasons.

Only a few episodes in this season and Medley seems rattled and vulnerable. She shared that her sprawling home, Blue Stone Manor in Great Barrington flooded. Medley seems to be completely overwhelmed with calls from contractors as the bills pile up and the home is left in complete disarray.

Dorinda Medley
Dorinda Medley| Mike Pont/Getty Images for The Points Guy

Medley is a wealthy woman with plenty of resources to manage the flooded home. Blue Stone Manor isn’t her only residence as Medley has an apartment in Manhattan. However, she recently explained in a YouTube video why she was so distraught and overwhelmed. And it had everything to do with how much she missed her husband Richard who died in 2011.

Too many changes in her life

Medley did an episode recap but then addressed the changes in her life. She hinted that the “saga” will continue with her boyfriend John Mahdessian in upcoming episodes. But that’s when she pivots to discuss why she struggled with the flood at Blue Stone Manor.

She says she’s been making a lot of changes in her life and wants her support system to have her back. Medley teases that she got to a point in her life where she was questioning everything and that people change. “I think the house flooding, which by the way is not at all about re-doing the house,” she says. “It is about the fact that I have five dump trucks full of all my old stuff.”

Not just stuff, but memories from her late husband that went, “down the driveway and goodbye.” She says, “I didn’t have an opportunity to go through it, it was all soaking wet. So anyone out there that keeps saying, ‘Oh boo hoo you can’t do renovation.’ It wasn’t about that. It was about watching all my life go down the driveway.” Medley previously shared that Blue Stone Manor was her favorite home when she was growing up in the area. Richard purchased the house for her as a wedding gift.

She adds that she never took the time to go through Richard’s things stored in the basement. “And we had about 480 boxes so I don’t even know to this day what was taken out. I just had to let go and take it.”

Medley seems to be missing her late husband more than ever

As she questions her relationship with Mahdessian, she misses Richard more than ever. She broke down in an early episode feeling that too many people depend on her to be the anchor and she’s never allowed to be the one to break down.

She seeks a reading from psychic Matt Fraser from Meet the Frasers. The reading will air during this season and Fraser told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that Medley was very emotional. Fraser connected with Medley’s deceased husband while they sat in the backyard at Blue Stone Manor. She tears up and seems uneasy as Fraser shares that her husband wants Medley to move on.

Medley seems visibly nervous throughout the reading and Fraser said there were several moments that won’t air on RHONY.

“There were a lot of things that she got nervous about that kind of came up that she didn’t want shared on TV,” he said. “So some of it was not shared because it was very personal. And sometimes that happens. So she got a little bit nervous over that.

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