‘RHONY’: Fans React to Bethenny Frankel’s Uber Driver Complaint

Fans are usually “team” Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City. However, when it came to a recent tweet, they were not exactly feeling the love for the former Real Housewife.

Frankel took an Uber ride and felt the need to blast the Uber driver. “My @Uber driver just charged me 30 dollars, told my daughter she couldn’t play the ukelele in the car, told us to get out & that he refunded us which wasn’t true. This sort of thing could land me in prison,” she tweeted over the weekend.

Bethenny Frankel attends the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit at Union West Events
Bethenny Frankel attends the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit at Union West Events |Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Normally, most fans would side with Frankel. However, this time they were on the Uber driver’s side, pointing out no one wants to drive and listen to a child strumming away on a ukulele.

Many fans wonder why she didn’t have a driver

RHONY fans recalled when Frankel had a driver on the show. “Might I suggest Hiring and Full Time Personal Driver then,” one person responded. Another fan remembered the driver on the show. “I think she used to have one, remember Kevin? The tmi personal stuff she told him, poor guy.”

But she still has a driver, another fan pointed out. “She still has a driver…he’s all over her IG when she’s in NYC. This happened out of town…” Frankel later clarified she was out of town. “This is LA but I will stalk @uber until they donate the 30 dollars to #bstrong I’m a principle girl. I’d spend 1k to make that guy give the 30 back,” she wrote.

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Also, some fans pointed out that the driver should be able to make the rules, especially when safety is concerned. “In my life it has ALWAYS been: the person driving the car makes the rules. That’s for safety and respect. Maybe buy yourself a car and you can let your daughter do whatever she wants whether it makes you nervous or not.”

No one wants to hear the ukulele in the car either

One of the biggest push backs from fans was the fact that the Uber driver didn’t want to hear the ukulele being played during the ride. “There’s a huge difference between music and a kid just making loud piercing noise. Would you want someone banging on a drum while driving and consider it music? Loud noises isn’t considered music,” one person wrote. Frankel dryly responded, “You seem fun.”

Although most people didn’t think that playing the ukulele in the car was a wise idea, a few fans thought the Uber driver should have let the child play her instrument. “Ukulele or Radio what’s the difference??? He’s getting paid for service…he or she should just deal with it and drive the car that’s what he’s getting paid for,” one person remarked. “I’m sure they’ve had to deal with a lot worse than a musical instrument!!”

But fans pointed out just because the driver was being paid to drive, it shouldn’t mean the passengers can be entitled to do whatever they want to do either. “He’s an Uber driver, not a slave. He shouldn’t have to deal with anything, especially an entitled snowflake. And a ukulele is not a radio, so cut the crap out.”