‘RHONY:’ ‘Jovani’ Is Now Chanted at Luann de Lesseps’ Cabaret Shows

“Jovani!” was the designer name famously shouted across Luann de Lesseps‘ first cabaret show. Thanks to Dorinda Medley and vodka soda, the entire room got to hear Medley honoring the designer in the most hilarious way.

Of course, at the time it was more cringey than funny. Previously, Medley accompanied de Lesseps to the Jovani showroom to try on the ornate gowns. Every gown fit de Lesseps like a glove, it was as though the dress was custom fit to the statuesque beauty. Medley had a strong business relationship with the Jovani name, which allowed her to gift the Countess with a few free dresses, The New York Post reports.

Luann de Lesseps | Getty Images

But Medley and de Lesseps’ relationship started to sour, beginning with their diareha filed trip to Columbia. By the time the show got to the season finale, Medley and de Lesseps were in a totally weird place. So why did Medley start screaming “Jovani” at de Lesseps? And why do fans do it today?

It was about John this time

During the big engagement season, it was all about Tom. But this time it was all about Medley’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian. And how Mahdessian’s cabaret show invite was “lost in the mail.”

Medley was a little put off because she hooked up de Lesseps with the dresses. But when she discovered the Tinsley’s boyfriend was invited (who didn’t come to the show) and Mahdessian wasn’t, she was furious.

She became like a tea kettle ready to explode. Viewers could see Medley trying to contain herself throughout the entire show. Until she couldn’t. de Lesseps asked the crowd if they liked her dress. She didn’t go further. So, Medley heckled de Lesseps by yelling the designer’s name.

But it wasn’t all bad

One upside is that Medley actually accomplished what she set out to do. She got the designer’s name into the public. Now everyone is talking about Jovani. In fact, Chrissy Teigen modeled a Jovani jumpsuit famously worn by Medley.

Plus, the New York Post reported that the designer saw a 100,000 visitor increase in traffic. Many other Real Housewives are in love with Jovani. This includes Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Girardi, according to Bravo’s The LookBook. Dresses run anywhere from $399 to as high as $15,000.

Now ‘Jovani’ is at every show

Although viewers may have cringed at the time, now they are embracing the new cabaret battle cry: “Jovani!” When de Lesseps’ cabaret show hit Ridgefield, CT, The CT Post reports that the crowd screamed “Jovani” while waiting for the Countess to emerge.

de Lesseps is even using it in her act. When she appeared at her Ridgefield show, she started with the song, With a Little Help from My Friends.“What would you do if I sang out of tune,”de Lesseps begins. But then sings, “Do you need anybody? I need Jovani to wear.” Which sends the audience into laughter.

Jovani continues to be featured during de Lesseps’ cabaret show. “I do wear Jovani, I love Jovani,” she told Page Six. “It works really well with me for my cabaret shows; everything fits me like a glove. I don’t have to change anything, I don’t have to hem anything. The fit is perfect, like it was made for me.”

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