‘RHONY’: Kristen Taekman Shares How Girls’ Trips Could Be a Lot Better

Kristen Taekman from The Real Housewives of New York City could certainly be considered to be something of a girls’ trip warrior.

Taekman took a wine glass to the lip thanks to Ramona Singer during an infamous trip to Heather Thomson’s Berkshires vacation home. Plus, when she tried to organize a lovely getaway to Montana, she was flooded with complaints and demands. Although Taekman took it all in stride, she tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet, her idea of a girls’ trip shouldn’t include bleeding while treading water.

Kristen Taekman attends the 2018 National Retail Federation Gala
Kristen Taekman attends the 2018 National Retail Federation Gala |Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

She recently braved another girls’ trip, but with a different crew and said she had an amazing time. Taekeman, who is now a travel blogger, offered some insights into how to make any group trip a lot easier. Plus she dished about what it was really like to travel with the RHONY crew.

‘RHONY’ may have the most travel drama

Taekman says franchise-wide, RHONY seems to have the most travel-fueled drama. “Really just the silly fighting for rooms,” she laughs. “I don’t think anybody else does that. I guess I just feel like everybody else is just a little bit more mature than those ladies?”

When room fighting occurred, Taekman said she just stayed out of the fray. “My experience with that was to just let them do their thing,” she recalls. “I was happy to have a smaller room off to the side away from all the drama because I’m not really that kind of a girl.”

Barbara Kavovit, Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps
Barbara Kavovit, Ramona Singer, and Luann de Lesseps| Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

She adds that even riding in cars together became an argument. “Maybe like call times [were a source of contention] or if people were arguing they didn’t want to be in the same car together?” Taekman said some of the OG cast members would be in the middle of dinner and just announce they were finished and get up. “And we’re all looking around going ‘Well I thought we were supposed to be eating here and filming for the next two hours.’ Like that kind of crazy stuff.”

Someone wanted a butler on the Montana trip

When Taekman organized a trip to Montana, she was floored with some of the other Housewives’ demands. “It was the best worst trip of my life,” she laughs. “And it was the most beautiful setting, beautiful countryside and they just couldn’t stop complaining.”

Heather Thomson, Kristen Taekman, Ramona Singer
Heather Thomson, Kristen Taekman, and Ramona Singer |Craig Moore/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“It was just insane,” she continues. “They needed a butler, and they needed this and they needed that.” Viewers likely recall that Taekman was ridiculed by Sonja Morgan and Singer for not being a hostess that met their standards.

Taekman says what viewers see is very true to life. “They are exactly as they are on camera as they are off,” she shares. “Like I can think of two of the girls that I bumped into last winter at an event, and they were just exactly how they were on camera. I mean, to the point where you almost wanted to say, ‘You know they’re not filming.'”

This is one way to reduce the drama

One of the biggest sticking points on RHONY is room choice. “When everybody walks into these houses, there’s this mad dash for the quote-unquote, best room,” she recounts. “Then, of course, there’s going to be all kinds of drama.”

Taekman says she has an easy way to eliminate that drama. “I think scheduling,” she says. “I think that a lot of time, you know, everybody knows upfront if people are sharing a room, who is sharing with who, and maybe, you know, an itinerary goes out ahead of time and saying, ‘OK, this is what the house looks like or these are the hotels.'”

Kristen Taekman at an Intercontinental Hotel
Kristen Taekman | Photo courtesy of Kristen Taekman

Also, travel with friends who share common interests, plus don’t travel in a huge group, Taekman suggests. “I think six and under,” she says about the right number of people for a good trip. “I mean we were five on this last trip. But we were eight to nine on the Real Housewives. I think that was way too many.”

She adds that another way to boost the luxury factor and lower the drama is to consider a hotel rewards program. Taekman says she loves the Ambassador program offered through InterContinental Hotels and Resorts. She says the perks and benefits are endless.”It’s some serious stuff to get that 4 p.m. checkout or get a guaranteed room upgrade,” she says. “I mean, we were just blown away by all of the Ambassador perks. There’s so many times when I traveled in the past, like with the Housewives and it’s like ‘OK everybody’s got to be out of the room by 11 and you are like what? We’re just waking up!'” Additionally, membership includes once-in- a- lifetime extension for up to 6 months (based on your tenure as an InterContinental Ambassador with no questions asked when unexpected life events – such as pregnancy, job change – happen).