‘RHONY’: Luann de Lesseps Celebrates the End of Her Probation

As Luann de Lesseps‘ court-ordered probation comes to an end, she shared a handwritten message to her fans.

The Real Housewives of New York City cast member expressed her thanks and appreciation on Instagram that she is humbled and grateful for this year’s tough life lesson. But she’s ready to put the past in her rearview and move on.

Luann de Lesseps
Luann de Lesseps | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Indeed, the Countess is certainly ready to move on following her arrest, probation and fighting with cast members on RHONY. She has plenty to celebrate as her cabaret show “Countess & Friends” continues to tour and play to huge crowds across the country.

Everyone was rooting for her

Fans were on Team Countess as her cabaret show is in hot demand. But as de Lesseps toured the country she also stumbled with probation. In May she admitted to drinking two mimosas, plus she didn’t satisfy court-ordered Alcoholics Anonymous meeting requirements.

Despite the misstep, de Lesseps’ probation officers did everything possible to support her, according to Radar Online. “[The probation officers] are committed to her. People have been rooting for her,” an insider told Radar Online.

Only last week, de Lesseps told talk show host, Jerry O’Connell, she eagerly anticipated the end of her probation. “It’s been a crazy couple of years for me,” she said. “I’ve been through a lot.” Adding, “In fact next week it will all be over. I will be done with probation. That horrible night will all be over with.” 

She uses these tricks to stay sober too

During probation, de Lesseps had to remain sober or risk prison. She told Jenny McCarthy on SiriusXM’s “The Jenny McCarthy Show” what tricks she used to stay clean.

“Being sober is the easy part,” she said. “But dealing with, you know, it’s difficult to live under the microscope as it is. But then to not have your friends help you out is even worse.” Likely de Lesseps was referring to the difficulties she had with the rest of the cast this season.

She said sipping non-alcoholic beer and vaping helps her especially when everyone is partying. “You know what I’ve gotten into is Heineken Zero so I feel like I’m having a beer. I like beer in the summer because it’s cold and thirst-quenching. So I’ll have a Heineken Zero so I feel like I’m drinking and I’ll vape too! I’ll take a puff on a vape and get through the moment.”

Countess & Friends has been helpful too

She told Glamour being on stage has helped her stay sober too. “To get to do this show and have the fans loving it, and loving me doing it, is the best food for my soul. It just feeds me,” she shared. “I love doing it, I’m passionate about it, and I really feel like I’ve found my calling. I’m blown away by it. Having the fans love the show and leave feeling good and happy was my aim. [I want it to feel] like old show biz, like Carol Burnett. I talk about her [in the show] because I grew up with that stuff.”

At this point, the sky is the limit for de Lesseps. “I’ve done television shows before and scripted stuff, but what about a late night show? There’s space in that field for a woman. ‘The Countess and Friends’ on late night,” she dished.