‘RHONY’: Luann de Lesseps Tells Sonja Morgan: ‘I Don’t Need You, Go F**K Yourself’

Apparently Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York City should be happy to appear in Luann de Lesseps’ cabaret show, as she reveals that she’s only paid $225 to perform. But the Countess is seemingly done with Morgan and tells her, “I don’t need you, go f**k yourself.”

Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan from 'RHONY'
Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan |Heidi Gutman/Bravo

The cast learns about Morgan’s wages when they gather in the Berkshires at Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor. It’s as though the home pipes truth serum through the HVAC system because every time the cast assembles at this home they reveal their true feelings about each other. While the cast appears to be aghast with Morgan’s cabaret wages, de Lesseps shades Morgan for being an amateur in her show.

The conversation becomes so heated, it appears that de Lesseps ends up kicking Morgan out of her show. At one point, de Lesseps shares she doesn’t think Morgan is gracious enough about being featured.

Some of the cast is shocked that she only makes $225 per appearance

Morgan plunks down on the couch between Medley and Ramona Singer and shares she only makes $225 for her appearance in the show. “You only pay her $200?” Singer asks de Lesseps in a preview clip. But de Lesseps shoots back that she has Broadway actors in her show. Adding, “You just pretend you’re a Broadway actor but you’re not,” de Lesseps says. “I love you but you’re not.”

“I have major Broadway talent in my shows,” de Lesseps shares in a confessional. “The best comedians. The best singers. I am not going to pay Sonja Morgan more to take off her dress to be in my cabaret show.”

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Morgan seems perplexed while de Lesseps doubles down on her assertion that she doesn’t need her in the show. “You’re being mean to me because you want me for free,” Morgan pouts.

Is Sonja Morgan not being appreciative enough?

“I love you because you’re my friend,” de Lesseps says. “And if you love being in my show, great. If you don’t, I don’t need you.” When the group insists de Lesseps doesn’t value Morgan, she takes issue with the assertion. Morgan adds that the $225 doesn’t even cover her hair and makeup.

“You have made me feel that you don’t appreciate it,” de Lesseps says. “And guess what. I don’t want you in the show.” At this point, de Lesseps walks out of the room. Morgan says to Singer, “She doesn’t need me.”

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But when de Lesseps catches wind of the comment she returns. “I have my own cabaret show that is very huge and guess what. You’re not part of it,” she says. “And I tried to include you. And you made me feel bad about it. You’re done. I don’t want you in my show! How’s that?” She pivots and storms out the room, remarking, “You’re done” over and over as she walks down the hall.

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