‘RHONY’ Luann de Lesseps Under Fire for Taking a Quote Completely Out of Context to Promote Cabaret Show

Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps has found herself in hot water over her popular cabaret show. The reality star posted a positive review for her Countess and Friends show that was published in the New York Times. The only problem is that the review was taken completely out of context and wasn’t as glowing as it seemed.

RHONY Luann de Lesseps
‘RHONY’ star Luann de Lesseps | Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Luann de Lesseps misleads fans

The RHONY star shared the review in an online advertisement for her cabaret show. The ad made it look like the New York Times reviewer thought the show was “inspiring,” which is about as far from the truth as it gets.

As it turns out, the quote had nothing to do with a review and was simply referring to ticket sales.

“Tickets to the first performance of #CountessandFriends went on sale on Dec. 10, and quickly sold out, inspiring Ms. de Lesseps to add a second date, which sold out within 24 hours,” the article read.

According to Page Six, Luann de Lesseps and her associates have confirmed that there is not a review in the New York Times that calls the show inspiring. The reality star has not commented on the ad, and neither has the writer of the original article, Rachel Dodes.

De Lesseps still has a number of different stops scheduled for her cabaret show, which continues through December.

There is no telling if the false ad will affect future ticket sales, but it definitely does not look good for de Lesseps, who could use a good boost to her public image.

Is de Lesseps dating?

Aside from her cabaret drama, de Lesseps may have recently got back with her ex-boyfriend, Rich Super.

De Lesseps and Super started seeing each other in 2018, though their romance ended when she entered rehab.

Sources now say that the two have reunited, yet they are not ready to come out as a couple just yet.

A source revealed that Luann de Lesseps and Super are very close and pretty much spend all day together. It is unclear why they don’t come out as a couple, but it sounds like it might only be a matter of time before their relationship is confirmed.

While we wait to hear more, Michelle Collins recently revealed that she had an odd experience with de Lesseps at a casino.

Collins explained that she was a bit worried when she discovered that de Lesseps was staying in the room next to hers. The comedian was afraid that she would hear the reality star having sex with her boyfriend, who was also in town.

Super and de Lesseps were later photographed together at the casino, which might be confirmation that their romance is back on.

Is Luann de Lesseps still sober?

In the winter of 2017, de Lesseps was arrested in Florida for public intoxication, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer.

As part of her probation, the RHONY star was required to remain sober and ended up going to rehab on more than one occasion.

Fast forward to 2019, and Luann de Lesseps has managed to complete her probation and remain sober, at least for the past six months or so.

In a recent interview, de Lesseps revealed that several factors played a part in helping her stay away from the booze.

For starters, the reality star started doing yoga, which helped her stay focused throughout the day. She also got a lot of support from her family members and kept herself busy with the cabaret show.

When it comes to her keeping her sobriety, de Lesseps has not said if she plans on drinking in the near future.

We also have no idea what her storyline will be in the new season of RHONY, especially now that Bethenny Frankel is out of the picture. Perhaps de Lesseps will be more open about her romance with Super. That or she’ll pick a fight with Ramona Singer.

But given how they have kept a tight lid on their relationship so far, we would not bet on them going public anytime soon.

Bravo has not announced when the new season of the Real Housewives of New York will premiere, but fans can expect Luann de Lesseps and crew return sometime in 2020.