‘RHONY’ Stars Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer Had a Screaming Match After NYC Pride Parade

Does the Real Housewives drama ever truly end? The show might have wrapped filming months ago, but that doesn’t mean the cast members are ready to move on. And with so many Bravo stars present at once during the NYC Pride Parade, it’s perhaps no surprise that drama might bubble up. This time, however, the drama was about something roughly two years old — isn’t it time to move on? Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer don’t think so, and someone caught it all on video. 

A return to New York

Back in 2017, Tinsley Mortimer needed somewhere to stay before RHONY started filming Season 9. Sonja Morgan had the good grace to take her in and give her a place to stay during that time. 

Mortimer joined RHONY shortly after dealing with a trespassing arrest. She was caught on her on-again-off-again boyfriend Alexander Fanjul, with whom she was allegedly in an abusive relationship

“You lose yourself, you get so caught up in this thing and this other world and this life. Being arrested saved my life, just giving me an opportunity to understand the good in my life,” Mortimer told Harper’s Bazaar.

An inside source told Page Six, “She is using the show to plot a comeback and ‘get the truth out there.’ Tinsley knows she’s made some wrong choices, and fallen for the wrong men, but once again she’s back, she’s single, and looking for love. But while once her life seemed to be coated in gold, now things are a struggle.”

Mortimer also told Harper’s Bazaar, “My friends are here, my life is here, and I just want to get back to it. I walked away from it, and I want it back. And I think I deserve it back.”

Butting heads in the car 

It seems as if Sonja Morgan feels that Tinsley Mortimer isn’t grateful for what she’s done for her. After a day of drinking among fellow dramatic Bravo stars, perhaps it’s no surprise that the RHONY star decided to lash out. When the two blew up, RHOC cast member Kelly Dodd caught the fight on camera

Sonja Morgan repeatedly yelled at Tinsley Mortimer to “say thank you,” even telling her to, “Say thank you for the housekeeper!”

“You still don’t understand! It’s so f*cked up! I literally walked in after being abused mentally, physically by a man. I walked in within a month –,” said Mortimer.

“It’s not about you!” screamed Sonja, interrupting her. “Why is it always about her?”

“No!” screamed back Mortimer. “It is!”

“You know what Sonja Morgan, if you’re going to do this bullsh*t with me right now!” said Mortimer. 

Luckily, the group seemed to arrive at their destination and the two seemingly mediating the fight, LeeAnne Locken and Reza Farahan, decided it was time to put an end to it. “We can’t don’t this outside of the car. In the car OK, out of the car, not OK,” said Farahan. 

Fan reactions to the fight

While the two may have been butting heads, RHONY fans were eating it up. One commenter on Instagram said this was peak Pride. “The insta stories of Sonja and Tinsley going from making out on the Bravo float to scream fighting in a car mere minutes later is a solid Pride romance fact pattern,” they wrote. 

Another wrote, “Kelly Dodd recording Sonja & Tinsley fighting while Reza is in the middle of it, is just what I needed right now.” One Twitter user followed up with, “I wish more cameras were there to film this! Btw – this is A CAST.”