‘RHONY:’ Who Upset Sonja Morgan Most During the Miami Trip?

While the ladies from The Real Housewives of New York City envisioned palm trees and sunscreen for their Miami trip, it turned into a visit from paramedics and an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting for Sonja Morgan.

True to their brand, the cast didn’t have what could be considered to be a smooth trip. There were several tense (funny) moments during the show, which (for once) didn’t center on fights over room assignments. From Ramona Singer playing ex-husband Mario and a new date at a party to Luann de Lesseps pouting over a late massage, the cast delivered more than enough drama.

Sonja Morgan |Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

But it was Morgan who seemed to have the roughest time on the trip. Some of her strife was self-induced through too much booze. But she also had a pretty strong reaction after attending an AA meeting with de Lesseps.

Go to sleep!

Bethenny Frankel seemed to be the most traumatized when Morgan appeared to whack her head on a glass table. Morgan got severely drunk, slipped from her chair and hit her head after Frankel screamed at her to go to sleep.

Morgan shared why she became so inebriated that night. “I am a cheap date,” she explained to host Andy Cohen during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “After five rum welcome drinks, I never drink rum, I was wasted. I took it too far and I do feel bad.”

Frankel worried about Morgan’s possible head injury. While the other ladies went out, she waited with Morgan for paramedics to arrive.  “You hear horror stories,” Frankel said in a confessional interview. “Oh, someone fell and then died in the middle of the night. So I want the paramedics here because I need to know with 100% and absolute certainty that Sonja is OK.”

An AA meeting she couldn’t handle

After another drunken night where Morgan almost crashes her foot through a glass table, de Lesseps offers to take Morgan to an AA meeting with her. Morgan rolls her eyes at the notion but went after Frankel suggested she attend.

They couldn’t pass the front door without de Lesseps ordering Morgan to change her clothes. Kate Chastain from Below Deck was tweeting during the evening. She hilariously wrote, “I wonder if Luann would have been okay with Sonja wearing a sequin Jovani cabaret blazer to the AA meeting.”

Although Morgan reluctantly went, she came back in shambles. She was visibly shaken by the stories, but de Lesseps didn’t seem bothered that Morgan was upset. While Morgan cried at a beach club afterward, the women tended to her while de Lesseps went swimming.

This is who upset Morgan the most

During WWHL, she told Cohen she witnessed some “rough” situations that seemed unsolvable at the AA meeting. Morgan adds while she felt helpless, de Lesseps seems to help others by getting up at the meeting and making them laugh. “But after, you leave them there and they are going back to the beach to maybe shoot drugs,” Morgan added.

But later, a Watch What Happens Live After Show caller asked Morgan what upset her most during the trip. She first says she didn’t mind that the other women out after she hit her head. “But I was upset with Luann,” she continued.

“Because she asked me to go to the meeting and she knew I didn’t want to go at first,” Morgan says. “I went and I was upset. I was more upset that Luann didn’t come up.”