‘RHONY:’ Why Didn’t Luann de Lesseps Want to Sleep in the ‘Fish Room?’

There is one thing The Real Housewives of New York City viewers can count on when the ladies travel: there will be a fight over room assignments.

Last night’s episode was no different, but this time the cast member who was most upset was Luann de Lesseps. Once again, Dorinda Medley welcomed the women to her lavish home in the Berkshires. Medley’s mansion can accommodate all the women. The home has often been the setting for a number of epic fights in the past.

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Medley and de Lesseps were in the process of mending their friendship. But when de Lesseps became agitated and dismissive of the room she was given, it took everything inside Medley not to snap back at de Lesseps.

Medley’s home is amazing

Medley’s home, Blue Stone Manor, sits on 18 acres in Great Barrington, MA, which is Medley’s hometown. Her husband Richard purchased the home in 2005 for $2.115M. When Richard passed away, Medley briefly listed the home for sale but removed the listing after a few months on the market.

Blue Stone Manor has a number of bedroom choices too. “It has nine bedrooms and 11 bathrooms,” Medley told ET. “I’d say it’s about 11,000 square feet, but who’s counting.”

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Medley used to pass the grand home when she was a child. She told her father someday she’d own it. When she married Richard, he asked her what she’d like as a wedding gift. “I told him I’d like him to buy me Blue Stone Manor,” she said in an ET home tour video. She adds that the name, “Blue Stone” wasn’t always attached to the house. It was added after she had the cast over for one of those infamous stays. RHONY alum, Carole Radziwill noticed that the home was created from blue stone. “She said, ‘why don’t you call it Blue Stone Manor,'” Medley recalls.

The bedrooms have character like Medley

Not one to have a home with static or bland rooms, Medley’s bedrooms appear to be somewhat theme-based. Her daughter Hannah’s room is pretty in pink and white. But other rooms have special traits and character too. For instance, her living room is called the “blue room” mainly because Medley decorated it in blue, she told E.

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She also offers a gorgeous room referred to as the Moroccan room. Then there is the “fish room.” The fish room features primary green colored walls and several huge mounted sharks and fish. At least two guests can sleep in this room as it includes two comfortable beds too. “Every room is a half a million dollar room,” Medley remarked during the episode.

The bickering started before de Lesseps arrived

Not surprising, Ramona Singer first “called” Medley’s daughter’s room. She arrived first, along with Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer. But Medley explained she promised the room to Bethenny Frankel. Frankel just went through the loss of Dennis Shields, plus Medley says Frankel struggles with being a guest sometimes.

Originally Medley was going to put de Lesseps in the Moroccan room. But clearly the three women who already arrived wanted to make sure none of them got the infamous “fish room.” Singer says in a confessional, “Dorinda doesn’t realize that the fish room is the least desirable room. Who wants to wake up to a big fish? You feel like you are being punished for staying in there.”

But Medley doesn’t feel as though the fish room is bad. However, she says de Lesseps can stay in that room. Of course Mortimer, Morgan, Singer are fine with that arrangement.

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de Lesseps isn’t happy sleeping with the fishes

Medley was shocked when de Lesseps melted down over being “stuck” with the fish room. As Singer and Morgan hysterically cackled, Medley tried to balance de Lesseps’ irritation, while defending why Frankel gets her daughter’s room.

de Lesseps asserts she doesn’t want to be in the fish room because the last time she stayed in that room she woke up horribly hungover and it reminds her of when she was drinking. She goes from being irritated to almost angry (not to mention pretty insulting to Medley).

After the episode aired, de Lesseps posted to Twitter, “We sure have lots of memories at the blue stone manor.” Followers came down hard on the countess about how she behaved. “I’d be irritable too if I had to listen to Ramona’s cackling w/o alcohol,” one person wrote. “That said, it was still disappointing to see you acting so entitled & ungracious.” Another person pointed out, “There are people who would love to have a warm bed to sleep in tonight. That was just baffling… and telling.” Needless to say, fans weren’t happy seeing de Lesseps react the way she did.

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