‘RHONY’: Why Does Leah McSweeney Call Sonja Morgan ‘Passive Aggressive?’

Was Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York City trying to retaliate against Leah McSweeney for the comments she made during their drunken night in the Hamptons?

Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer, Leah McSweeney
Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer, Leah McSweeney| Heidi Gutman/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

McSweeney thinks perhaps Morgan is reacting in a passive-aggressive way after she taunted Morgan for clinging to the “Morgan” name and the “good old days.” When McSweeney, Tinsley Mortimer, and Morgan got drunk in the Hampsons, McSweeney told Morgan that the 80s were over. “1985 is gone,” McSweeney says to Morgan in a flashback clip. “It’s over! F**k JP Morgan!”

In an upcoming episode, Mortimer and McSweeney head to New York Fashion Week and McSweeney shows Mortimer what Morgan wants her to wear. The outfit alone makes McSweeney think this is Morgan’s way of getting back at her for the remarks.

McSweeney thinks her outfit is a message from Morgan

McSweeney shows the outfit Morgan chose for her to Mortimer in a preview clip. “This is not athleisure either she has no idea what she’s talking about,” McSweeney says to Mortimer as she reveals the outfit while they are riding in a car.

“Look at the dress you’re wearing,” McSweeney continues. “And imagine I showed up in a f**king …” Mortimer wonders if Morgan gave McSweeney more dress options. “Because she did send me two dresses,” Mortimer says.

At this point, McSweeney shakes her head. “She’s passive-aggressive. I hate passive-aggressive. I can’t stand it. I’d rather she be a ***** **** to my face.”

McSweeney wonders if this is her ‘horse head’ moment

“I’m pretty sure Sonja’s trying to send me some type of message,” McSweeney says in a confessional. “Maybe this is like me waking up with a horse head in the bed.” Meanwhile, Mortimer laughs at the sunglasses that are partnered with McSweeney’s outfit.

“Oh, and here’s part of the look too!” McSweeney says as Mortimer laughs. “The sunglasses. Where’s the crack pipe? Because who would be wearing this except someone that is high on crack, I don’t know. That’s it.” At this point, Mortimer has dissolved into laughter.

“I don’t necessarily think that Sonja is cool enough to actually have gotten that she was trying to purposely make Leah look stupid,” Mortimer says in a confessional. “I think that she maybe thought that Leah would look cool.”

She confronts Morgan before the show

McSweeney says she’s bringing in the outfit to likely confront Morgan. Mortimer doesn’t want any part of it and for good reason. Previews show how the confrontation goes down and McSweeney doesn’t hold back. First McSweeney shows her outfit to Ramona Singer. “I was supposed to wear this,” she says to Singer who looks horrified.

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As the women stand in a group, McSweeney drops the bag with her outfit into Morgan’s hands. “Here,” she says to Morgan. “Seriously.” But Morgan says that she gave her a nice bag.

However, McSweeney isn’t buying it. “I think you are full of sh*t and I think you’re passive-aggressive.” Needless to say, the look on Morgan’s face indicates she doesn’t agree.

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