‘RHOP’ Star Ashley Darby Opened up About Parenthood and Revealed She’s Ready for Another Baby

Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby had to defend her husband from “butt-grabbing” allegations while trying to get pregnant during Season 4. Towards the end, viewers saw her take a positive pregnancy test, and she gave birth to Dean Michael in July 2019.

Welcoming their new baby, who she calls “Tink,” into the world has helped the Darbys’ marriage as well as added “challenges of new parenthood.” Nonetheless, Ashley Darby says she and her husband, Michael, are “in a good place” and ready to have a second child.

Ashley Darby
Ashley Darby, Dean Michael Darby | Charles Sykes

Ashley Darby tried to get pregnant during ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Season 4

Almost the entire fourth season of Real Housewives of Potomac revolved around sexual assault allegations against her husband, Michael. The women also claimed he was attracted to men and faking his marriage.

While defending her husband against the other housewives and the public, Darby also had to deal with a miscarriage and infertility issues. Monique Samuels, who also experienced a miscarriage, became pregnant with a baby boy and invited Darby to share in several special “mommy” moments with her.

By the time the season ended, the talk of Michael’s obsession with “grabbing butts” stopped, and Ashley became pregnant with their first child.

‘RHOP’ Ashley Darby gave birth in July 2019

On July 7, 2019, the Darbys welcomed their son, Dean Michael, into the world. She admitted she “never thought this day would come,” and it “it felt like the sunniest day after a sky filled grey.”

Darby has extensively documented her son’s first year through Instagram as she’s posted pictures of him making funny faces and visiting a pumpkin patch. They also dressed up as “Super Dad” and “Super Baby” for Halloween, and they took baby Darby to his first football game with Monique Samuels’ family.

Even though some fans don’t like it, she also uploads videos of her breastfeeding “Tink” and talks about the importance of black women breastfeeding. Additionally, Darby has been open about dealing with some postpartum depression after giving birth.

‘RHOP’ star Ashley Darby opened up about parenthood and second baby

In an interview with EW at Bravocon, Darby admitted she’s “already trying to get a second one.” After dealing with the drama from last season, the Darbys are “in a good place” and ready to expand their family. She explained that “motherhood is the best thing she could ever imagine” even though “challenges of new parenthood” have entered her marriage.

According to Darby, the birth of their son forced them to “confront some of the things” they’ve buried because they “have a little bean” that needs them.

In Season 5, Darby’s marriage and family won’t be at the center anymore as Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard’s massive blow out will take up most of the screen time. Allegedly, the housewives got into a physical altercation that resulted in both parties pressing second-degree assault charges on each other.

However, Darby wasn’t present for the fight and is “waiting to see how it plays out like everyone else.” Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 returns in Spring 2020.