Rian Johnson Revealed the Controversial Thing He Finds Most ‘Fun’ About Star Wars

Rian Johnson still invokes controversy whenever his name is spoken among some Star Wars fans. If anyone happens to praise his creative daring, those who opposed The Last Jedi will basically defend to the end how he butchered the direction of the galactic franchise.

While there are many arguments to the contrary on what he did with Star Wars, Johnson looks at what he did as almost necessary to keep the franchise fresh. He recently revealed something no doubt ruffling more feathers within the fan community. Nevertheless, one can argue he’s right to avoid franchise complacency.

Johnson addressed this and more during a recent Wired Q&A while promoting his new murder mystery satire Knives OutOne element of Star Wars he helped undeniably improve is something he won’t hold his tongue over to uphold. 

Was the subversive storytelling in ‘The Last Jedi’ deliberate?

Rian Johnson on the red carpet
Rian Johnson | Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Some of Johnson’s detractors might say he was deliberately trying to provoke the fans just so he could stir the pot to do things his way. What the fans are (arguably) wrong about there is they don’t own the franchise, no matter if they pay movie tickets to go see the films. Respect for those who create movies should always be maintained, no matter if one disagrees with the creative decisions made.

During Johnson’s recent Wired Q&A, his work for Star Wars was unsurprisingly addressed again, including asking for a response about the angry criticism of his story directions.

According to him, he thinks everyone arguing about Star Wars is what keeps it interesting, something we’ve seen all along anyway. A lot of fans forget there were early gripes about where the original trilogy was going after millions of young fans made up their early versions of fan-fiction with their Star Wars action figures.

Also, the prequels are a study in near media pop culture civil war on those opposed and those who saw them as prescient of our own current political reality. Arguments about the prequels alone are an Exhibit A in why keeping fans on their toes prevents things from becoming complacent and boring.

The passion over ‘The Last Jedi’ may not have existed without Johnson’s vision

As Johnson admitted in that Q&A, everyone has a different opinion of where they think the Skywalker Saga should go and how it should end. Everyone is about to find out what J.J. Abrams has in mind…albeit with a little bit of input from George Lucas in The Rise of Skywalker.

Plus, Johnson can now take credit for inspiring Abrams to take paths less taken.

For The Last Jedi, some still argue the story needed to be shaken up a little and taken in new directions to create more passion for the entire saga. While no one will know what would have happened had the film gone in the directions of what some fans wanted, it might not have created so many social media discussions without Johnson’s brave plot points.

Whether his story directions were a deliberate provocation, his own personal story opinion, (or a combination of both), there is one thing Johnson stands up for in changing Star Wars for the better.

When it comes to inclusion in the galaxy far, far away, not everyone still agrees. Johnson said anyone arguing against diversity in Star Wars should literally go stick it where the sun never shines.

Will Johnson want to still be involved with ‘Star Wars’ movies?

A lot of mystery still exists on whether Rian Johnson is still interested in making a new Star Wars trilogy as earlier reported he would. His run-in with angry fans on social media may not be something he wants to put up with again, despite his deft way of handling these people online.

Since most Star Wars products in the 2020s may be centered mostly on Disney+, Lucasfilm focusing on big-screen efforts might wane. Not that Johnson couldn’t do a movie or series for Disney+ down the line considering they still have faith in his storytelling prowess.

He might not have any hesitation when seeing the reality that The Last Jedi still has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Latter is proof those opposed are a small minority who seem mightier when grouping up strategically on social media.