Who Is the Richest Actor From ‘Notting Hill’?

One of the most popular modern romantic comedies of all time is Notting Hill. The film, which was released on May 28, 2019, in the U.S. (It came out a week earlier in its native U.K.) It was a box office success and extremely well received by critics and audiences alike.

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill
Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill | Getty Images

At the time of Notting Hill’s release, its stars were both in their heyday, and that, paired with a delightful script, helped the movie go down in history. Here’s a look at each of their net worth 20 years later..

Julia Roberts

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Roberts stars as Anna Scott, an actress who meets Hugh Grant’s character while in London doing promotion for an upcoming film. At the time, she was fresh off many of her breakout hits, including My Best Friend’s Wedding and Stepmom. In fact, Roberts was so popular at the time that she was “the one and only choice” for the part, according to writer Richard Curtis.

The actress has, as we all know, continued to have an illustrious career. She won her Oscar for Erin Brokovich shortly after this film, and the rest, as they say, is history. Roberts is thought to be worth somewhere around $200 million, making her the wealthiest star from Notting Hill by quite a lot.

Hugh Grant

Grant was also known for his romantic comedy roles when he was cast in Notting Hill as Will Thacker, a bookstore owner living in the London borough who falls in love with Roberts’ Anna. In fact, he had worked with Curtis for his breakout role in Four Weddings and a Funeral. The writer told Variety that they had been looking for someone fresh on the scene to portray Will, but after auditioning several newcomers, “we said, ‘Oh f–k, it. Let’s go with Hugh.”

The actor has, of course, continued to do very well for himself. He has worked with Curtis multiple times since, in films such as Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love Actually. As for is net worth, Celebrity Net Worth estimates it to be approximately $80 million (which is about £60 million). But Grant is, surprisingly, not the second-richest actor to have starred in Notting Hill.

Other lead actors

When it comes to the other stars of the film, there isn’t a lot of information out there for some of them. According to Fame10, here’s how much the other lead actors are worth.

Rhys Ifans, who played Will’s outlandish roommate, Spike, is worth approximately 12.5 million. And Hugh Bonneville, who portrayed Bernie, Will’s friend in finance who doesn’t know who Anna is when he meets her, is thought to have a net worth of around $8 million.

Here’s who you may have forgotten was in the film

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Notting Hill featured a few cameos from other actors who are household names. Alec Baldwin had an uncredited cameo as Anna’s obnoxious boyfriend, Jeff, who mistakes Will for a hotel employee when he comes to see Anna. The actor was, at the time, primarily known as for his theater and soap opera work, but today, Baldwin’s a bona fide movie star, with a net worth of close to $65 million.

In the movie, Will is mistaken for a reporter when he goes to find Anna while she’s doing press. He ends up interviewing a 12-year-old girl who tells him about working with Leonardo DiCaprio. The girl playing the actress was much less experienced at the time, but you likely know her name: Mischa Barton. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is approximately $1 million today.

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