When Will ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Return With Its Midseason Premiere In 2020?

Things are about to get a little weird as Rick and Morty Season 4 moves forward — and no, it has nothing to do with the storyline. As it turns out, the Adult Swim series will air its last episode of 2019 on Sunday, Dec. 15. But, don’t fret. The season isn’t shorter than usual and the network will release new episodes when the show comes back for its second half. So when will Rick and Morty Season 4 return with the midseason premiere in 2020? Let’s just hope it’s not too long of a wait.

The ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Episode 6 release date

Prior to the season premiere on Nov. 10, Adult Swim revealed only five episodes of Rick and Morty Season 4 will be released within 2019. So it’s not you. Starting Sunday, Dec. 22, the animated comedy will not be on air with new episodes.

Half the season you deserve, all the season we could handle,” the season trailer said.

However, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland confirmed season 4 will have a total of 10 episodes. Therefore, fans can expect new episodes to come back eventually.

That said, as of this write-up, the Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 release date has yet to be announced. For now, the Adult Swim series is expected to return in the first half of 2020. But fans will just have to wait and see what the network decides, and the premiere date will likely be revealed sometime after the Dec. 15 episode debuts. So stay tuned for an update.

What will happen when ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 returns from the midseason hiatus?

Sarah Chalke, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Kevin Smith and Spencer Grammer attend the #IMDboat at San Diego Comic-Con 2019
Sarah Chalke, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Kevin Smith and Spencer Grammer | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for IMDb

Given the 2-year-long wait between seasons 3 and 4, Rick and Morty fans always fear gaps between new episodes. But after the third season finale, Adult Swim renewed the series for 70 more episodes. And in July 2019, Harmon explained why fans won’t have to wait as long ever again.

“I think it’s safe to say without fear of being wrong that the gap between Seasons 3 and 4 will be the longest and last time that it’s ever so long that it’s ridiculous,” Harmon told Entertainment Weekly. “I don’t know how fast we can do it, but I know it will never be this long again.”

He continued: “There were so many things that had to be settled before we even started season 4, and it’s really safe to say … we’re literally writing season 5 while finishing season 4 just to force ourselves to commit to a certain schedule.”

Meanwhile, when speaking with Variety, the Roiland and Harmon shared the Rick and Morty Season 4 finale will lead into the season 5 arc.

“The season finale of season 4 is really good,” Harmon said. “We get canonical, we get serialized.”

“We have a tag in season 4 that’s gonna tease some sh*t up in season 5,” Roiland added.

Then Spencer Grammer and Sarah Chalke — who voices Summer and Beth, respectively — teased Beth will receive a big scene in the season 4 finale.

“She had some great character stuff,” Grammer said, slapping Chalke on the leg. But obviously, going any further would be too much of a spoiler. “Hey, easy there,” Roiland told Grammer. “You’ve said too much.”

Regardless, it seems like an important season for Summer as well. During an interview with AV Club, Grammer announced the Rick and Morty team has already recorded the back half of season 4. And the actress teased what’s to come for her character. Grammer said:

There are some really fun episodes coming up with Summer that are pretty great. And I know they’re working on writing season five, too. We only have the first five, but we’ve recorded the other five. You just don’t get to see them yet. Summer has gotten stronger, more independent, more sure of herself. Obviously, she’s giving it back to Rick a little bit more, though she also wants to be a bigger part of that group scenario. I would love to see them incorporate the whole family more.

How to watch ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4

No matter how long we have to wait for the Rick and Morty Season 4 midseason break to end, you can still watch every episode until “Rattlestar Ricklactica” once it premieres on Dec. 15. For now, the Adult Swim app and website has every episode of Rick and Morty Season 3 and Season 4 — so far — to watch for free with a cable login.

Meanwhile, you can watch seasons 1 through 3 online with a Hulu subscription. Nevertheless, the fourth season won’t be available on the streaming service until the finale airs.

According to Variety, Hulu bought the streaming rights to all 101 episodes of Rick and Morty. And as part of the new deal, new seasons will be added to Hulu starting five months after the season finale is released on Adult Swim.

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