‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5: Will The Show Have Another Season?

Rick and Morty has a slavishly devoted fan base. The show has struck a chord with viewers with its intelligent blend of humor, sci-fi absurdity, and darkness.

When season 3 ended in October of 2017 the fans didn’t realize how long it would take for season 4 to hit the airwaves. But after a two-year wait, season 4 has finally arrived — and there was much rejoicing among the viewers.

Rick and Morty present onstage during the 70th Emmy Awards.
Rick and Morty | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Now, naturally, fans are curious and worried about season 5. First and foremost: Will there be a season 5 of Rick and Morty? And, if so, will the wait be as excruciatingly long as it was from season 4? Here’s what we know about Rick and Morty season 5 – and beyond. 

Why was the wait for season 4 of ‘Rick and Morty’ so long?

Months after the end of season 3 it became clear that Adult Swim hadn’t ordered another season of the show. Fans were shocked: Did this mean it was possible that the show was ending? Why weren’t the creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon slaving away on new episodes?

Finally, in May of 2018, Adult Swim announced that Rick and Morty had been renewed. Not for a single season, but for 70 more episodes!

It turns out that Roiland and Harmon wanted to be paid more and a guarantee that the show would continue. They claimed that they asked for immortality for Rick and Morty, but that they would settle for “many, many more seasons.”

Since most seasons have been 10 episodes long, that suggests that fans can happily expect 7 more seasons, for a total of 10. Not immortality, but good enough for now. 

What is the ‘Rick and Morty’ season 5 release date?

No one really knows exactly when season 5 will be released, but the wait is not going to be as agonizing. Roiland has assured fans that they’re already starting work on it.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harmon said: “I think it’s safe to say without fear of being wrong that the gap between seasons 3 and 4 will be the longest and last time that it’s ever so long that it’s ridiculous.” 

People are trying to guess when the start date will be, and the best guess is November of 2020. Whenever the date is, fans are happy to know it won’t take two years to get here.

Harmon and Roiland aren’t the only ones who have a new sense of security with the 70 episode order. Fans can now rest easy knowing that negotiations shouldn’t slow things down again. 

Is Kanye West getting an episode on ‘Rick and Morty’?

There’s not much information about what’s up for the next season, but Harmon and Roiland have repeatedly said they’d love to work with Kanye West. They’ve even offered him complete creative control over an episode.

West has said publicly that he loves the show, so it’s a strong possibility that some sort of collaboration will happen. He even met with the Rick and Morty team back in August.

Apparently his devotion to the show is one thing that isn’t affected by his newfound faith

Season 4 of ‘Rick and Morty’ is out

Since they know it won’t be the end, fans can relax and enjoy season 4. There’s an “evil Morty” theory that may drive you to rewatch the premiere episode a few times. The expected guest stars include Taika Waititi, Sam Neill, Paul Giamatti, Kathleen Turner, and Matthew Broderick.

Whatever happens, we can all be sure it will be funny, smart, and completely unique, and fans can bask in the knowledge that the magic isn’t going to end any time soon.