‘Rick and Morty’: The Brilliant Easter Egg You Probably Missed This Season

Those still perplexed over why Rick and Morty has so many fans will have to acknowledge it’s the barrage of satiric pop culture references that makes watching more fun. As deranged as the stories still are, all of the little Easter eggs that permeate each episode makes each show worth catching a second time.

For Season Four, one Easter egg has a lot of people talking about the image of a past character seen in the first season. Those who’ve watched the show from the beginning will know about the “Bullies” who give Morty a rough time at his high school.

As with most baddies, they end up having their comeuppance. In the case of these guys, they all ended up having very cosmic disappearances, leading to one interesting cameo recently.

The cameo of the red-haired bully

The Rick and Morty press junket
‘Rick and Morty’ | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for TBS

Remember the orange-red-haired bully from the first season who was essentially the leader of the group out to make Morty’s life hell? When trying to take a swing at Morty with a chain, he ended up being swept up into the atmosphere and presumably became no more.

Another bully was eaten and another shrunk into a box that Morty kept.

Yes, this was the ultimate way to get back at high school student terrorists. However, it’s made a lot of fans wonder if these figures still exist somewhere in the universe. In the case of the red-haired bully, he hasn’t been seen again to date.

Episode 2 this season showed Morty going through his refrigerator. Inside was a milk carton with the picture of the red-haired kid. Had a viewer blinked, they would have missed this. Thanks to Reddit, though, the image was posted and analyzed to death.

Of course, the image of the bully leader was to make everyone assume he’s been missing and placed on the carton as an alert. For all anyone knows, he’s still out there in the atmosphere somewhere, existing in a different form.

Will the bullies return in a later episode?

Because Rick and Morty are having some of the most complex inter-dimensional adventures the show has ever seen, the chances are small Morty will be seen in high school this season. Than again, Morty isn’t traveling with Rick every minute. Considering how much they’ve tinkered with the space-time continuum, they could change virtually anything.

Maybe Morty had the cosmic abilities to get rid of the bullies, yet more could be in-wait. Or, the bullies might find some way to return, possibly in some kind of grotesque form worse than they were before.

There could be a lot of allusions to the bullies in future episodes as keen observers look out for detailed pop culture references in every scene. Almost every episode is packed with dozens of Easter eggs usually requiring a pause of each scene to catch them all.

Some other references to past characters have been turning up as well, prompting fans to wonder who might show up again this season or in the future.

Easter eggs this season give hints and extensions to classic characters

One Easter egg fans found intriguing this season is the death crystal giving visions of the characters Rick and Morty found in other dimensions from past episodes. Some of those visions included what appeared to be the eventual fates of those characters, perhaps in future seasons.

There’s also the reappearance of Mr. Meeseeks, or numerous ones. Fans will remember this human-like/amorphous character from the first season as one of the many bizarre creatures they either create or encounter. In this case, it was Morty creating an army of them to help fight back against the military.

Easter eggs like this are more obvious, but you can usually find pictures of past characters sitting around in background shots. No doubt few thought they’d ever see a demented animated show requiring a viewer to pause the picture to analyze each scene for what this series may yet have in store.