What Is Rick Lagina’s Net Worth and How Does the ‘Oak Island’ Treasure Hunter Make His Money?

Often referred to as the “Money Pit,” it should come of no surprise that the Lagina brothers (and other financial backers) have sunk a lot of money into the Oak Island treasure hunt. That alone has raised multiple questions about the brothers’ finances. And while Marty Lagina’s net worth is in the millions, many wonder about his brother, Rick Lagina’s net worth (and how he makes his money).

Take a closer look at Rick Lagina’s finances, including how he makes his money as a full-time Oak Island treasure hunter, ahead.

As the star of ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ Rick Lagina’s net worth is in the millions. | History Channel

Rick Lagina’s net worth

Rick Lagina is a retired postal worker who focuses most of his attention and career on finding the presumed treasure on Oak Island. But, despite his humble background, the reality television star is worth millions. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rick Lagina’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million.

The Curse of Oak Island star spends his summers up in Nova Scotia hunting for treasure with his team. When he is not on the island, he supposedly spends a majority of his time looking for new strategies and information surrounding the Oak Island treasure hunt.

How does Rick Lagina make his money?

Unlike his brother, Marty Lagina (who owns several businesses, including a winery in Traverse City, Michigan), Rick’s income comes from a few sources surrounding the Oak Island project. How does Rick Lagina make his money? Keep reading to find out.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ salary

Rick Lagina — and the rest of the Oak Island cast — is notoriously private when it comes to his personal life and finances. So while it is unknown how much Rick Lagina makes per episode of The Curse of Oak Island, there’s a good chance that part of his wealth comes from his show salary. After all, Rick Lagina’s net worth has gone up significantly since the show first aired in 2014.

He is a producer

In addition to his cast credit on The Curse of Oak Island, Rick Lagina is also a show producer. Much like other shows, he likely receives a cut from the show’s earnings for his role in the production.

He owns part of Oak Island

Compared to his brother, Rick Lagina might have a small fortune. However, a portion of that wealth comes from Oak Island. Together with Marty Lagina, Craig Tester, Dan Blankenship, and Alan J. Kostrzewa, Rick Lagina owns Oak Island Tours Incorporated. Together they own 78% of the island.

Oak Island tours

Through his shared business, Rick Lagina likely earns an income from the hundreds of people that visit Oak Island to learn about the history every year. An Oak Island tour typically takes enthusiasts on a guided journey to various parts of the island, learning about the legends, history, and treasure hunting efforts of the last century.

Show residuals

Like all actors and reality stars, Rick Lagina most likely earns income every time the History Channel airs new and old episodes of The Curse of Oak Island. Depending on his contract, he could bring in thousands of dollars every year from show residuals.

How much does Rick Lagina make per episode?

How much the Lagina brothers and other cast members of The Curse of Oak Island make per episode is unknown. However, many fans believe that Rick and Marty Lagina (and likely the others) funnel a lot of their show income back into the treasure hunt funds, as their passions for finding the supposed treasure — and learning more about the history of Oak Island — go beyond their financial interests.

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