‘Rick and Morty’ Writer Shoots Down Theory That There Will Be a Surprise Christmas Episode

Some Rick and Morty fans who were disappointed with the Season 3 finale last night have a theory that there’s actually another surprise episode on the way, potentially coming this Christmas. But a writer who works on the show has shot down this idea.

On Twitter today, Rick and Morty writer Dan Guterman was asked if he could comment on the Christmas episode theories, and he responded by asking if the show’s fans fans are tired of being wrong all the time.

He followed this up by saying that Rick and Morty fans have had a poor track record with theories. In this second tweet, he does mention that he’s not even familiar with the details of the theory, but the original tweet making mention of “Christmas episode theories” should be enough for Guterman to recognize what’s being referred to if there really were a secret holiday episode on the way.

The theory in question is that Rick and Morty did not actually air its finale last night. Instead, there’s a secret episode that is going to drop in the coming months, with the most common version of the theory stating that the episode will come this Christmas. Part of the reason for the theorizing just seems to be that some fans were let down by the season finale being somewhat anticlimactic, and so they refuse to believe this is truly the note they’ll be left on until Season 4.

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Another piece of evidence being used to support this theory is that Dan Harmon said that Evil Morty would be in the finale, yet he didn’t appear in last night’s episode, theoretically suggesting this actually was not the finale. But did Harmon actually say that? When recently asked about Evil Morty, Harmon said, “Just wait until the end of the season, this Sunday at 11:30 p.m. on Adult Swim.” This could easily be interpreted as Harmon avoiding the question and encouraging fans to watch the finale to find out whether Evil Morty shows up again, not him promising that this will happen. Plus, Harmon specifically mentions there that the end of the season is on Sunday.

Fans have also pointed to the fact that at the end of last night’s episode, Mr. Poopybutthole appears and says that the next time we see him, he “might even have a big white Santa Claus beard.” This seems to have just been a joke about how long it will be until Season 4 airs, but those who subscribe to this “secret episode” theory believe it to be a hint that a Christmas special is coming. The Season 3 finale also makes reference to The Doctor from Doctor Who, a show famous for having a Christmas special every year.

In addition, Season 3 was originally supposed to feature 14 episodes, yet only 10 aired. Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have said that this is just because the season took longer to make than they expected, but some fans believe that they actually were secretly able to make an 11th episode. Finally, there is of course the fact that Rick and Morty has sprung a secret episode on fans before. Back in April, the show released its Season 3 premiere on April Fool’s Day out of absolutely nowhere with no prior announcement. So some believe this will happen again this December, but then again, Dan Harmon generally doesn’t like to repeat himself or do exactly what fans expect him to do.

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Dan Guterman’s tweets aren’t necessarily definitive confirmation of the fact that there will be no secret episode, as if it was meant to be a surprise, he would want to keep us in the dark. It could also be that there is a secret episode coming, but it’s just not being released around Christmastime. The Rick and Morty crew has certainly led fans astray before, such as when the show’s creators hyped up Worldender as an incredibly intimidating foe, only for him to be immediately be killed as soon as he was introduced on screen in “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender.” But for now, it certainly seems like it’s best for fans not to get their hopes up about seeing any more Rick and Morty until Season 4 premieres, likely in 2019.