Rihanna Fans Are Going Insane After She Registered a New Song

The Rihanna navy has been not-so-patiently waiting for the songstress to come out with new music. It’s been three years since she released “Anti” and fans have been getting restless.

During her pause from music, she has started a thriving makeup line, Fenty, a lingerie line, and is working on clothing. Rihanna has gone from popstar to bonafide mogul. And her fans couldn’t be happier for her. But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been harassing her about giving them some new music.

When is Rihanna’s next album coming out?

It’s the question the navy has been asking for over three years, “when is Rihanna’s next album coming out?”

Well, the singer did give fans a bit of a clue.

Last year, while posting some new makeup to her Instagram page, a fan commented and asked about the new album.

“But when is the album dropping Robyn?” the fan wrote. “Can we get a release date for that?

And Rihanna actually responded.

“2019,” she wrote back.

But with 2019 already over halfway over, people are starting to doubt that they will actually be getting some new Rihanna tunes before the new year.

Rihanna’s new song

Though there has been no word about Rihanna’s album, a Rihanna news account on Twitter saw that Rihanna had registered a new song called “Private Love” with BMI, her music publisher.

According to the outlet, Rihanna had some help with the song from Jamaican dancehall artist Demarco and songwriter Monique Lawz.

Though there are rumors floating around about Rihanna’s music all of the time, both Demarco and Lawz seemed to confirm this news.

Lawz responded to a tweet revealing that she had writing credits on Rihanna’s new album.

“I cannot breathe!” she wrote.

And when someone congratulated Demarco on the song, Demarco just thanked the person instead of denying the rumors.

Fan reactions

Needless to say, fans have been going absolutely insane since this news was released.

“I can already feel ‘private loving’ being a bop like OH MY LORD, it better not be a fake song, ppl need to have some Rihanna,” one fan tweeted. “And this navy truly needs it.”

“Private loving registered on BMI,” another person wrote. “Written by Rihanna and Demarco. I’m crying already. Wheeerrrreeee have you beeennn.”

But some fans still weren’t satisfied and wanted to know more about the album as a whole.

@Rihanna will Private Loving make the cut for #R9? How many songs will u put on R9? How close r you to finishing the album?” another person said.

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Nobody: Me: Album coming in 2019 Navy in July:

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And the navy is still asking about the music whenever Rihanna posts about her makeup.

When she posted a new hydrating foundation to her Instagram page last week, people were more interested in getting new music.

“What about the skins that’s dry for music?” one person commented.

“You should totally get into music next,” another fan said. “I think you’d like it!”

“Hey Rihanna, I made a song for you. *sings* where is the album? We need you to save the music industry! We need you to save it from today’s garbage. Where is the album? Or a singleeeeeee *high note*” one person joked.