Rihanna Gives Her Expert Advice on the Best Way to Take Lingerie Pics

Rihanna is known for both her beauty and her talent. Since releasing her first album, Music of the Sun, in 2005, Rihanna’s career has soared to unbelievable heights. She has won several awards for her music, including 9 Grammy awards and 12 Billboard Music Awards. When she is not performing in sold-out arenas, the award-winning singer likes to flex her acting muscles. She has starred in several movies, including Ocean’s 8 and the DreamWorks animated film Home.

As if Rihanna’s schedule didn’t already seem busy enough, she has also recently decided to team up with LVMH to start her own fashion line called Fenty. The clothes in her line are not only stylish and fun, but they also help to empower women.

Recently, Rihanna sat down for an interview with Elle to discuss not only how her clothes empower women, but how they can also make the perfect lingerie pic to help them feel even more attractive and empowered.

Rihanna’s clothing line

Rihanna | ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

Being that Rihanna has been considered a fashion icon for over a decade now, it is no surprise that she would decide to start her own fashion line. The Diamonds singer has teamed up with the world-renowned fashion group, LVMH. Her fashion line, which is called Fenty, has a wide range of fashion products to choose from, including, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and clothing. Last year, she expanded her line to include her Savage X Fenty lingerie collection

One of the great things about Rihanna’s clothing line is that every piece that she produces is inclusive to all women. She wants to make sure that everyone who buys her clothes feel beautiful and important. 

Elle had recently caught up with RiRi at her fashion show and asked her about the importance of making clothes that could fit every women’s body types.

“It’s important, right?” Rihanna had said. “You belong in these pieces. You, me, trans women, women of all sizes, paraplegic women, all women are important women! All women belong here, on the biggest platform I can give them.”

Rihanna’s tip for taking a great lingerie pic

Rihanna’s Savage X collection features bras, underwear, lingerie, and sleepwear. Every item in the collection is available in plus sizes. Since it has gone on sale, the entire collection has gotten a lot of positive feedback. Not only are the items exceptionally comfortable, but they are also very stylish too. They come in a wide range of colors. From bright blues to soft pink to elegant black, there is sure to be a piece in the collection that will fit everyone’s personal style.

Not only are the lingerie outfits in the collection stylish but they are also sexy. Elle had asked Rihanna if there were any tips to taking a great picture while wearing her lingerie line. RiRi had answered by saying that every piece has been specifically designed to highlight certain aspects of your body. Some pieces highlight the chest more, while others may help to show off the legs. Rihanna said to find the part of the body that you love the most and make sure that you are accentuating that specific part so that it stands out more in the picture. 

Rihanna is using her clothing line to empower women

While Rihanna has some good advice on how to take the perfect lingerie pic, she also doesn’t women should worry about how everyone else thinks that they look in the lingerie. She believes that women should wear it to make themselves feel better, not to impress other people.

She had once told Vogue: “Women should be wearing lingerie for their damn selves. I can only hope to encourage confidence and strength by showing lingerie in another light…I want women to wear Savage X Fenty and think, ‘I’m a bad b**ch.’ I want women to own their beauty.”

With her full fashion line, Rihanna is not only helping women look more stylish, but she is also helping them feel better about themselves and allowing them to realize that every body type and every woman is beautiful.