Rihanna Is Bound to Announce Her Next Album Tomorrow, 8/8: Here’s Why

Rihanna’s last album Anti dropped in 2016, and fans of the “Work” singer have been waiting for her next release ever since. Reinventing her image as she grows within the music industry, Rihanna has tackled contemporary R&B, Pop, dance music, and more. Thus, trying to predict her future musical stylings remains a challenge, and works to keep anticipation high.

With each passing year, fans wonder, “will Rihanna release her next album this year?” Recent evidence suggests that Rihanna may be planning to surprise fans tomorrow, 8/8. As for the evidence, the answer lies within a mystery.

Rihanna | Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

A mystery guest is set to take over late-night TV on August 8

While it’s quite common for late-night TV hosts to inform viewers that a mystery guest is scheduled, what’s going on tomorrow night is rather unorthodox. According to LateNightOn, a special mystery guest is booked on six different late-night shows in one night, and that night is August 8.

Collaborations between late-night hosts are common, and they often appear on each others’ shows for entertainment value — surprising fans with a 2-for-1. O’Brien, Colbert, and Fallon have all done a bit together, but what’s going on tomorrow night is rather unheard of. 

Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers all have a mystery guest scheduled. With every king of late-night promising a mystery guest, it’s unlikely that each one has a different surprise guest with equally exciting news. This has led many to believe that Rihanna — who boasts quite a strong relationship with late-night TV — is planning to sweep through each and every one, using her (likely pre-recorded) appearance to announce her next album to the world.

Why all the signs point to Rihanna 

Earlier reports indicated that a “big female singer” booked the spot, which, given her time away from the recording studio, has led many to point fingers at Rihanna. According to LateNightOn, Rihanna also has solid relationships with several of the late-night hosts, making this approach logical.

From pranking Jimmy Kimmel to day-drinking with Seth Meyers, Rihanna knows how to have a good time, so why not give her fans some awesome news while they laugh along to the late-night kings? 

Aside from August 8, Conan is running re-runs all week, as reported by LateNightOn; meaning, something special must be happening. He is likely taking this one particular day of the week to be a part of something larger.  What could be larger than the “Consideration” singer announcing her next album?

If we’re bound to hear from Rihanna, it may be in clip form, as it would be virtually impossible for her to get to all the different late-night locations for taping (without some serious scheduling skills). Who knows, maybe fans will get to see a music video. Until tomorrow night, the mystery guest remains in the air. For all we know, Bradley Cooper could be announcing his next mash-up with Lady Gaga.