Rihanna Is Showing Her Support for Megan Thee Stallion in a Few Key Petty Ways

Surprisingly there have been mixed reactions to Megan Thee Stallion’s recent tragic events. On July 12, Megan was shot in both feet. When the news of the shooting broke, fans were quick to speculate what happened. As more details have come out, some celebrities have taken controversial stances and made fun of Megan. But Rihanna is proving that she is a true champion of women and showing her full support for the Texas rapper.

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What happened to Megan?

On July 12, police responded to reports of gunfire. When they arrived, they arrested rapper Tory Lanez, who was in the car with Megan, on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon. He was later released on bail. Lanez has not formally been charged for the shooting.

Celebrities speculate

Some celebrities were quick to make jokes and give their take on what happened between Megan and Lanez.

“I predict that they had some sort of Bobby and Whitney love that drove them down this type of road,” model and former reality star Draya Michele said on the Wine and Weed podcast. “I’m here for it. I like that. I want you to like me so much you shoot me in the foot too.”

Later, Michele attempted to apologize.

“I truly don’t glorify domestic violence…I was trying to say just love me deeply,” she tweeted. “But while trying to be funny, I offended many, including meg. And I’m sorry,” she wrote.

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She also released a longer message on Instagram.

“I just want to take a min to address victims of domestic violence and abuse of any kind and just overall humans, I was wrong to insinuate that there is room for violence in loving relationships, or in any relationship for that matter,” she wrote in her Instagram story. “I was wrong to try to find humor or make light of the situation, and understand that my joking nature was damaging and hurtful. It was poor judgment and I deeply regret it. This is a sincere apology from me to everyone.”

What has Rihanna done to show support to Megan?

After Michele’s rude comments, she was dropped from being an ambassador for Rihanna’s Savage Fenty lingerie line. And shortly after Michele was dropped, Megan posted a picture of herself in the popular lingerie brand.

“Love yall,” she captioned the photo, tagging Rihanna and Savage.

Rihanna responded to the post, “Gang!” and the Savage account responded, telling Megan to have a speedy recovery.

Rihanna also showed her support of the rapper by sending her flowers with a note that read, “Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, Meg! Just know you’ve got a whole crew over here sending good vibes your way! Love, Rihanna and The Fenty Corp gang.”

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What has Megan said about the incident?

Recently, Megan got on Instagram live and spoke about what happened to her.

“I was shot in both of my feet, and I had to get surgery to … get the bullets taken out, and it was super scary,” she said as tears came to her eyes.

“I know my mama and my daddy, my granny had to be looking out for me with that one cause where the bullets hit at, it missed everything,” she said.

She also spoke about the people who were quick to make fun of her or make up stories about what happened.

“It was nothing for y’all to start going and making up fake stories about,” she said. “I didn’t put my hands on nobody. I didn’t deserve to get shot.”