Rita Wilson Says Out of Everything She Does, This Is ‘The Most Important Job’

Rita Wilson, the actor, producer, and singer/songwriter is a Los Angeles native who attended Hollywood High School and later studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Wilson made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago, so it should come as no surprise Wilson has since released four studio albums. During quarantine, Wilson also released new music including a remix of Naughty By Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray” to benefit MusicCares COVID-19 Relief Fund as well as co-wrote “Everybody Cries” for the recent war drama The Outpost. But, out of everything she does in her career, what job does she believe is the most important?

Rita Wilson writes a new country song that’s a love letter to women

Rita Wilson
Rita Wilson | Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Wilson recently released her new song “Where’s My Country Song?” She co-wrote the song with American Idol champ Lee DeWyze, and they recorded it completely remotely, as the songwriters didn’t want to enter a studio due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wilson is planning to include it on her fifth studio album release.

In an American Songwriter interview, Wilson describes herself as a big country music fan — though she listens to country as well as many other genres. Traditionally, country music tells a story, and Wilson revealed that she’s “always looking for the story.” 

She feels part of the story of the current global pandemic is all of the hardworking women out there.

“People who might be working in factories or working in warehouses or in agriculture … the nurses and the technicians and the doctors and the people taking your tests,” Wilson explained. “These are women that we may not necessarily think about in music but I wanted to write about them.” 

Wilson felt these women deserved their own representation in a county song.

Wilson explains why raising kids is ‘the most important job’

In a recent Billboard interview, Wilson said she was also inspired by her hardworking immigrant mother. She also wanted to highlight all of the unsung female heroes. Wilson feels strongly about wanting to put a spotlight on the “huge part of this population that is doing amazing things with their lives, but they’re not having the spotlight on them and really should be looked at and applauded and revered every day.”

Rita Wilson
Rita Wilson in 2012 | Michael Buckner/Getty Images for CFN

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When asked about the message of “Where’s My Country Song” during a July interview on The Talk, Wilson shared her thoughts on being a mom. She feels strongly about it:

My mom, who was a housewife, but raised all of us kids in this extraordinary way, but sometimes you will hear people say, ‘Oh, what do you do?’ and they respond, ‘Oh, I’m just a mom.’ And, I think to myself, why are you saying that. That is the most important job. Raising humans to put out into the world.

On Wilson’s own website, Wilson further describes the respect she had for her own mother’s work as a homemaker.

“She worked hard and sacrificed, never complaining,” Wilson wrote. “She showed me there was honor in her work, whether it was cooking, cleaning, sewing, or caring for her children. Women understand the experience of taking pride in what they do.”