‘Riverdale’ Season 4, Episode 7 Recap: Thanksgiving Feuds During ‘The Ice Storm’

Three people went down in last week’s episode of Riverdale, either by death or beating, leaving lingering questions and messes to be cleaned up. Dodger Dickinson was left bloodied and battered, and Jughead wants to solve the mystery surrounding Chipping’s death and his grandfather’s time at Stonewall Prep. Heading into episode seven, “The Ice Storm,” some are ready to give thanks for the holiday and others are ready to fight. Here’s a recap.

Pictured: KJ Apa as Archie| Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC

Thanksgiving plans are made by all

During the opening narration by Jughead, it’s shown Dodger’s family is in town, angry that he’s in a coma and assuming that the “community center” is responsible for beating him up. They have no evidence but are looking to settle a score.

This Thanksgiving-themed episode has Hiram elected as mayor and as always, he seems to have a plan up his sleeve. Things jump to Archie announcing he’s leaving the gym open for Thanksgiving so the kids can have a place to stay for the holiday and a full meal.

Jughead attempts to talk to Dupont about Chipping, but the professor says Chipping had an alcohol problem and it was a suicide. He urges Jughead to drop his “delusion” his grandfather is the originator of the Baxter Boys too. Later, Jughead calls Betty (from a payphone) to see if she’s still coming to campus even though an ice storm is coming. He wants to dig into Chipping’s death since they’ll be the only two there. Bret overhears his conversation. Uh oh.

Cheryl is plotting to toss Uncle Bedford’s body into the river so the ice storm can freeze everything over. Toni is scared and feels like she’s being watched.

At Veronica’s house, she turns down an invitation from her father to have a family holiday meal at the country club. She tells him no and she’s helping Archie.

Thanksgiving plans get thwarted

Switch back to Archie, and Veronica brought food from the country club for his dinner, but things get spoiled when F.P. comes by under orders from Hiram. He’s been told to shut the community center down, and subtly urges Archie to keep it open anyway for Thanksgiving. Archie will not give in to Hiram and plans to do what his dad would’ve done. Dinner is still on.

Betty arrives early at Jughead’s school for her visit to beat the storm. Meanwhile, their parents are home discussing Hiram’s devious plot to shut down the community center, and F.P. doesn’t plan to get involved. They decide to eat at Pop’s for the holiday.

Veronica goes home and discovers the Lodges are eating there because the club is closed. Hiram taunts her as she berates him over having the Royale shut down, and she pulls the tablecloth off the table, angrily dragging the turkey and all the fixings onto the floor.

Cheryl’s aunt Cricket has been spying on her niece and Toni from the street, so the two devise a plan to throw her off. Cheryl’s going to invite her to a Blossom Thanksgiving meal but put on haunting performance to scare her off.

Everyone gets confrontational

Jughead tells Betty he thinks Dupont blackmailed Chipping into killing himself. She thinks it’s a stretch but Jughead shows her old pictures of a younger Chipping wearing a tie pin for a secret society. Could there be a secret group at Stonewall? But of course.

In Riverdale, Hiram and Hermione show up at Pop’s where F.P. and Alice are eating. Things are awkward but Alice invites the Lodges to sit with them.

Jughead and Betty can’t find a restaurant to deliver, so they decide to raid the vending machines. Some idiot wearing a bunny mask tries to scare Jughead but Betty clocked him from behind with a metal rod. Then Donna shows up dressed the same way, and is surprised that Bret is knocked out.  

Betty is kind enough to stitch up the back of Bret’s head, but after he and Donna leave, she and Jughead decide to give them a taste of their own nasty medicine.

Dodger’s ragtag family show up to check out the community center but don’t tell Archie who they are. They are out for blood.

One of the kids alerts Archie that it’s Dodger’s family on the premises, and he confronts them and says he wants no trouble. The mom flashes a gun and they say they aren’t leaving until they find out who hurt their boy. They sit and demand food.

At Stonewall Prep, the foursome is playing a game of Never Have I Ever, and once the flask is empty, Betty volunteers to refill it. She uses the time to snoop in Donna’s room and finds a tie pin with the initials “RC” on it. We know that stands for Rupert Chipping.

Back at the community center, a fight breaks out when one of the kids tries to snatch the gun off the table. Dodger’s people take it out on Archie and Mother Dickinson demands Archie gets on his knees to pay for “what he did to her son.” She tells him to confess to hurting her son and threatens to harm people if he doesn’t, but others in the room stand up and try to take the blame.

She aims the gun at Archie’s head but the turkey fryer explodes and distracts everyone. A fight ensues while the kids are shuffled to safety, and Archie hits Dodger’s brothers. Mary grabs the gun and shuts down the melee by telling the Dickinsons she has a right to defend herself and the place against intruders, and gives them five seconds to leave.

Cut to the Lodges, and Hiram tries to manipulate F.P. over drinks in the speakeasy, but it doesn’t work. F.P. gets angry and says he doesn’t want to do his bidding, and they get into a physical fight. So much fighting tonight! F.P. breaks a bottle and almost smokes Hiram, but Alice calms him down. Hiram is smug the whole time.

Back at Thistlehouse it’s Thanksgiving time, and Cheryl’s grandmother tells a story about the Blossoms turning on one another one winter by going full cannibal. Cheryl tries to scare her aunt and cousin into believing the story, but auntie is not buying it.

Then Fester bites into Uncle Bedford’s ring in his meat pie. Cheryl tells them they should scoot and never come back because uncle is gone, and any evidence he was ever here is in the process of being digested. They roll Jason’s body into the dining room in wheelchair, and Cheryl blackmails them into leaving by saying she’ll tell everyone they’re cannibals. Auntie knows crazy Cheryl means business.

Archie and Betty confront Donna and Bret about the tie pin, saying it’s evidence of murder. Donna starts crying and claiming that she and Chipping were having an affair, and she wanted to break things off but he became abusive. She threatened to tell and the next day Chipping killed himself. Do you buy that story? Betty doesn’t.

Finally, things settle down

Meanwhile, F.P. and Alice mull over the night’s events and come to the conclusion F.P. can be both a sheriff and gang leader. He can’t stand Hiram.

Cheryl is reveling in her victory with Toni, feeling like her relatives won’t return to try to sell the house and business out from under her. The two share a Thanksgiving kiss with the creepy doll Julian looking on.

Betty and Jughead discuss their suspicions and she tells him to let the headmaster know something strange is going on at the school. They then start making out, not knowing a device in the corner is recording them.

Archie and everyone at the community center finally share a warm meal and acknowledge Fred before digging in. At the school, Jughead learns Donna told the headmaster her story, so they believe Chipping committed suicide because he felt guilty.

At the end, Archie’s mom tells him she thinks Fred was looking out for them when the turkey fryer popped at just the right moment. Archie agrees, and in the final scene, they pay tribute to Fred by placing a plaque in his honor in the community center along with his portrait. It’s really Fred Andrews’ spirit pulsing through the center.