Rob Kardashian’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Though he’s been living in the shadow of his mega-popular sisters for the past several years, things are looking up for Rob Kardashian. When Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered in 2007– the only Kardashian son was an intricate part of the series. However, by 2014, the father of one had sunken into a deep dark depression, which caused him to gain a great deal of weight in a short time. At one point, he weighed upwards of 250 pounds.  

In 2016 — Kardashian appeared in the public eye again after getting engaged to Blac Chyna. The pair had a short-lived reality series, Rob & Chyna together. However, but once their relationship crumbled, Kardashian retreated from the spotlight again. Still, after the birth of his daughter, Dream Kardashian with Chyna –the George Arthur founder has been slowing stepping back into the public eye. 

Recently, Kardashian has been appearing at family events, including his sister, Kim Kardashian’s 39th birthday party, and Kendall Jenner’s Halloween soiree. Fans also noticed that Kardashian had dropped a great deal of weight. Here’s what we know about his weight loss journey.

Rob Kardashian no longer drinks alcohol

We know that Kardashian was inspired to be the healthiest father possible for Dream. Obviously, exercise and a healthy diet are significant keys when it comes to losing weight. In addition to those things, the USC alum’s secret weapon has been eliminating alcohol from his diet completely. A source close to Kardashian revealed to Hollywood Life,

Rob has completely quit drinking alcohol and is drinking a ton of water right now. He’s eating a lot better, too, but he knows getting rid of the drinking was a very big, important step, mentally and physically. That’s really how he’s lost a lot of the weight.

Will Rob Kardashian return to ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ soon?

Though Kris Jenner is hopeful that her only son will appear in the KarJenner Christmas card this year, we’re not so sure he will show up on KUWTK anytime soon. Instead, he’s just focused on being out and about with his baby girl, Dream. An insider explained to Hollywood Life

He’s always been an amazing father, but he didn’t like to be seen due to his own insecurities, so wanting to take Dream out to do things, something he didn’t love doing before, and to family functions again is such a blessing. He’s telling everyone he’s feeling really, really good.

Is Rob Kardashian currently in a relationship?

Though rumors recently swirled that Kardashian was getting romantic with Kylie Jenner’s best friend –Stassie Karanikolaou we now know that this is not true.  An insider told Hollywood Life, “He doesn’t want to get too serious until he’s really sure about somebody.”

We also know that Kardashian’s main focus is his baby girl. A source explained, “Rob really is focusing on taking better care of himself and he realized that was a very important first step. He is coming out a lot more and you can tell just happier.

We love to see it.