Robert Downey Jr. May Join the DCEU Directly Following His Run as Iron Man in the MCU

Robert Downey Jr. portrayed Tony Stark — the billionaire, genius, playboy philanthropist whose journey from arrogant egotist to selfless savior was one of the Infinity Saga’s most fleshed-out arcs — for over a decade. Kickstarting the Avengers, his success in the first Iron Man installment would lay the groundwork for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) expansion. Though he has left the MCU (despite multiple rumors suggesting a possible return), would he be willing to jump into the super suit of a DC hero following his long run as Iron Man? 

MCU and Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr attends the European premiere of ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ | Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Recent reports suggest that Robert Downey Jr (RDJ) may jump from one superhero landscape to the other. He may leave Disney to join Warner Bros. in the studio’s pursuit to rival the MCU with some of the world’s most well-known and beloved heroes. And, RDJ may be the man Warner Bros. needs to carry its DC franchise to the top. 

Will Robert Downey Jr. portray Green Lantern in the DCEU? 

According to We Got This Covered — relying on the same sources who knew Taskmaster would be the villain in Black Widow and that Marvel is considering Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight — RDJ is in talks with Warner Bros. to play Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. The actor has reportedly engaged in private discussions with the studio concerning the character.

While Tom Cruise is still very high on the studio’s wishlist for the part, he has reportedly been reluctant to accept an offer, and take on the movie. Could Cruise’s reluctance find RDJ in another super suit…this time, one made of latex, as opposed to metal? 

Will RDJ come in and reshape the misfire that was Ryan Reynold’s approach to the character? If RDJ signs on, he better ensure that the script is worthy of his presence, as DCEU installments tend to fall short in the characterization and narrative development realms. 

Seeing RDJ wind up in a rival universe after his commitment to the MCU would be surprising; however, a good gig is a good gig, and if he enjoys playing superheroes, who is to say he can’t appear as a focal point in both universes? Not to mention, he is apparently asking for too much money to reappear in the MCU, which may leave the actor at Warner Bros.’ disposal. 

‘Green Lantern’ would premiere way down the line if Robert Downey Jr. is cast in the role; He is quite busy at the moment 

If Robert Downey Jr. joins the  DCEU, his first installment will probably take place a handful of years from now. When looking at the actor’s agenda, he’s a bit booked for the foreseeable future.

According to IMDb, Robert Downey Jr. is already set to appear in three upcoming movies, and he is rumored for a fourth (Black Widow). RDJ is set to reprise Sherlock Holmes across from Jude Law’s Watson in Sherlock Holmes 3. He is also set to star in All-Star Weekend and an untitled John Brinkley biopic about the real-life infamous scam doctor who claimed to cure male impotence via the xenotransplantation of goat testicles into humans. Thus, if RDJ is going to join the DCEU, Warner Bros. may have to wait for his schedule to open up a bit.