Robert Downey Jr. Said “Nothing Is More Boring Than Acting” Once: See Why

Robert Downey Jr. is most recognized for starring as the beloved Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kickstarting the Avengers saga in 2008, the actor is one of the many men responsible for the franchise’s early success and continued growth. He even helped convinced Chris Evans to play Captain America.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Iron Man is often cited as the actor’s Phoenix moment, so to speak, as it signifies a major rise from a tumultuous period in RDJ’s life (fraught with time in jail and stints in rehab for drug addiction). However, before becoming the face of Marvel, RDJ starred in several other iconic movies, and he was a force to be reckoned with throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

In 1992, Robert Downey Jr. starred in Chaplin, as the incomparable comedian Charlie Chaplin himself, and snagged an Oscar nomination for his performance. He also starred in 1994’s Only You alongside Marisa Tomei, 1987’s Less Than Zero, and more. While he may be Iron Man to most, viewers familiar with his earlier works are aware of the tour de force performances he delivered before his drug addiction began interfering with his work.

In 2004, before Iron Man was even a thought in RDJ’s mind, he sat down for an interview with the NY Times, which coincided with the release of his album The Futurist. He promoted the record while talking about his life in Hollywood, and how his circumstances had changed post drug abuse. He seemed able to reflect on his past from a place of understanding, determined to forge a turnaround and re-catalyze his career, which, as we all know, he definitely did.

Robert Downey Jr. compares recording an album to acting in a film

While Robert Downey Jr. explained to the NY Times that he had “some hesitation in being an actor who puts out an album,” he stated that “after years of writing songs, it gradually became more real.” The record features ten songs, and while many never reached widespread acclaim, devout RDJ fans are familiar with the album, including songs “The Futurist,” “Broken,” “Man Like Me” and “Little Clownz.”

Robert Downey Jr. explains that each song is infused with his experiences, but the “confessional” nature many were expecting is not front and center, as the artist hoped that such meaning would be “a little obscured.” The songs have quite literal foundations and draw upon his past movies.

As for the creative process involved, when the interviewer asked, “How was it to record the album? Was it like acting in film with lots of different takes?,” Robert Downey Jr. drew a strong line in the sand between the creative expressions, stating:

“Nothing is more boring than acting, because as an actor you never have to be proactive about scheduling. You get the call sheet — here we have to do this scene today. This was more like “There are 17 different songs you can choose for this album. Finish them.”

NY Times

While drawing upon the freedom inherent to his musical creation, as opposed to acting, it appears that, back in 2004, Robert Downey Jr. may have been a bit tired with the daily grind associated with acting. However, based on his current career trajectory, it looks like RDJ has refound the magic in the art. Considering RDJ never released another album, but proceeded to star in several movies, it would seem that music ceased calling to him. Or, is he just waiting for the right time to give it another shot?

What does Robert Downey Jr. have planned following ‘Avengers: Endgame?’

Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in Sherlock Holmes 3, All-Star Weekend, The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle, and an untitled John Brinkley biopic, so it’s clear that the man behind the Iron Man mask will be busy for quite some time.

In Dr. Dolittie, he will star alongside Avengers co-star Tom Holland. He will team up with Jude Law once again for Sherlock Homles 3 and is set to star in All-Star Weekend alongside Gerard Butler. As of now, casting for the John Brinkley biopic is limited, yet the movie will follow Downey as the infamous scam doctor who tried to treat male impotence by performing goat testicle transplants.