Robert Pattinson Became The New Batman When Warner Bros Called This Hollywood A-Lister ‘Too Old’

Warner Bros. surprised fans by selecting Robert Pattinson as the new Batman after Ben Affleck stepped down, but the Twilight alum was not the only actor who auditioned for the coveted role. This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia also put his hat in the ring to become the next caped crusader, but the studio told him he was “too old” for the part.

New Batman Robert Pattinson
New Batman Robert Pattinson | Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Ventimiglia opens up about Batman snub

In a recent interview, Ventimiglia revealed that he auditioned to play Batman and thought he had a chance to land the role. The actor, who is nine years older than Pattinson, was rejected because Warner Bros. wanted a younger face to lead the franchise. Luckily, Ventimiglia is plenty busy with other projects and did not take the rejection hard.

“Do I see myself in a cape and cowl? Warner Bros. didn’t. They were looking for a new Batman and they said, ‘Ventimiglia, you’re too old.’ That’s OK, it doesn’t matter,” he shared.

Although Ventimiglia’s feelings weren’t hurt too badly, he revealed that he will not be auditioning for any superheroes movies in the future. Instead, the actor is content with “playing real-life superheroes,” like Denny Swift and Jack Pearson. Hopefully, Ventimiglia will change his mind about superhero flicks. After all, we are pretty sure fans would love to see him try his hand at a completely different role. Until then, fans can watch Ventimiglia in action when the new season of This Is Us premieres next month.

Pattinson lands Batman role

Unfortunately, Ventimiglia was not in the final running for the Batman role. According to Metro, producers struggled to pick between Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult, both of whom are much younger than the This Is Us star. Warner Bros., of course, selected Pattinson to replace Affleck as the legendary hero. The movie is scheduled to open in theaters sometime in 2021, with production ramping up over the next few months.

Affleck was originally supposed to star and direct the next Batman film but stepped down in favor of director Matt Reeves, who had a better vision for the project. Affleck announced his departure from the franchise in January.

Dylan Clark and Michael E. Uslan are set to produce the movie. Reeves has not released too many details about the project, but Uslan recently opened up about the decision to cast Pattinson, assuring fans that he was the right pick for the part.

Uslan defends Pattinson

Pattinson received a lot of backlash after being cast as the new Batman. Many fans had a difficult time picturing the Twilight alum in the role, especially since he has not been a part of a major film in years. To help assuage the negativity, Uslan told fans to reserve judgment until they have seen the movie.  He also put more emphasis on Reeves’ vision for the film and told fans to trust that the director will make the right decisions.

“Wait until you see the movie,” Uslan shared. “My position is this: trust the filmmaker and give the filmmaker, and the filmmaker’s vision, the benefit of the doubt.”

Uslan added that once fans have watched the film, they are free to judge it however they please. He also expressed a lot of enthusiasm for Reeves’ vision and Pattinson stepping into the role. Little is known about the movie, though it is not expected to be an origins film. Instead, Reeves is telling a different Bruce Wayne story, a move fans will surely appreciate. Pattinson is taking over the role following Affleck’s last appearance as the Caped Crusader in Justice League.

How did Pattinson land the Batman role?

Pattinson did not become the next Batman based solely on his age. There were actually a number of different factors at play. When Reeves was writing the story, he reportedly envisioned a young actor playing the part – and even thought of Pattinson early in the process.

While it helped that Pattinson fit the bill for the plot, the actor has also built up an impressive resume since his Twilight days. This includes starring in a variety of independent projects and taking on roles that stretched his acting skills.

In fact, Pattinson’s parts in Good Time and High Life are what convinced Reeves that he was the right man for the job. We can only hope that everything pans out, especially following the most recent Batman films.

The Batman is scheduled to open in theaters on June 25, 2021.