Robert Pattinson Has a Shocking Back-Up Plan If ‘The Batman’ Bombs

Robert Pattinson has a pretty shocking back-up plan if The Batman turns out to be a major flop. The Twilight alum has taken a lot of heat for being cast as the caped crusader, and he hilariously joked about what he would do if the franchise took a major nosedive. So where does Pattinson see his career going if The Batman fails at the box office?

The Batman Robert Pattinson
‘The Batman’ star Robert Pattinson | Photo by Mike Smith/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Pattinson reveals new career path

After being cast to play Bruce Wayne earlier this year, Pattinson is now in rehearsals for The Batman as the cast and crew preps for production.

While we cannot wait to see how Pattinson has transformed himself for the iconic role, he recently predicted where his career might go if the film is a total flop.

According to We Got This Covered, Pattinson revealed that he will probably turn to porn if The Batman does not work out — though not your typical erotica.

“Porn. But art-house porn,” Pattinson joked.

The actor was obviously joking about the career change, though he has come under a lot of criticism after accepting the role. One of the biggest issues is that fans still associate him with the Twilight franchise and have trouble seeing him play a hero like Batman.

Is Pattinson tired of the backlash?

In the same interview, Pattinson voice some frustration with how his casting in The Batman has been covered in the media.

The actor, who is used to being in the spotlight after starring in the Twilight franchise, revealed that he knows exactly what happens when a film is hyped up. For Pattinson, he just wishes people would reserve judgment until after The Batman hits theaters.

“I’m already remembering what it’s like to talk about a movie where there’s an expectation. Whenever you say anything, people are like, ‘Argh! You idiot!’ Like, dude, I haven’t even started yet,” he shared.

While Pattinson is probably not looking forward to all the attention from The Batman, he noted that he is usually his harshest critic.

Despite all the negative talk, Pattinson has built up an impressive career since his Twilight days. The actor has pulled together some top-notch performances and there is little doubt that he’ll nail Bruce Wayne. Exactly how he will look in as Batman, however, is still a complete mystery.

Everything we know about ‘The Batman’

The Batman was originally supposed to be helmed by Ben Affleck, who was also going to star as the caped crusader. But after a few subpar performances, Affleck backed out of the role and left it up to director Matt Reeves to finish.

Reeves took the movie in a completely different direction and cast Pattinson to play a younger version of the character than what we’ve seen in years. The project is expected to take on a noir tone with Batman solving a case involving several villains.

The Batman is not scheduled to open in theaters until June of 2021, so Reeves and Pattinson have plenty of time to nail things down. The release date also gives Pattinson time to do more interviews and, although he seems a bit tired of all the hoopla, he’s clearly having fun with the role.

Following the success of Joker, The Batman really has an opportunity to take the character in a brand-new direction. We do not know if the film will feature any crossovers, but there has been talk of Joaquin Phoenix making an appearance at some point.

Robert Pattinson opens up about acting

While we wait to hear more about The Batman, Pattinson recently opened up about his acting skills. Although he has been in the industry for well over a decade, Pattinson admitted that he still hasn’t gotten the whole acting thing down just yet.

“I only know how to play scenes, like, three ways,” he shared. “I’m nervous on, like, every single movie.”

For Pattinson, The Batman is his first major studio role since 2012. At that time, he was wrapping up his part as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. Pattinson has come a long way since playing sparkly vampires, and his latest film with Willem Dafoe, The Lighthouse, is a great example of how much he has matured as an actor.

That said, Pattinson is still adamant that he does not really know how to act. But he has developed a method that helps him get ready for a scene — and it’s pretty unconventional.

“Because I don’t really know how to act, I kind of wanted to somehow make it real, and one of the ways I’ve always thought makes that a little bit easier is if you shake up your physical state just before action,” he stated.

The Batman is scheduled to open in theaters on June 25, 2021.