5 ‘Rogue One’ Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

When it comes to hotly anticipated films, there are two things you count on the internet to do: 1) make its displeasure with even the most minute details known, and 2) develop a bazillion theories about what may or may not happen in a given film. Both of these are doubly true when it comes to beloved properties like Ghostbusters (as this summer proved) and Star Wars, which manages to appeal to longtime fans and genre fanatics alike. So naturally, fans have been buzzing about how Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — the upcoming standalone Star Wars spinoff — will fit into the saga at large.

[Update, 10/13/16: Added second full-length trailer, above.]

We’ve already addressed some of the potential issues that lie within director Gareth Edwards’s film, but we have yet to evaluate some of the more intriguing fan theories that have developed around the movie. Though the answers are right around the corner, we investigate whether some of these particular theories could prove to be true and what we might see when Rogue One hits theaters in December.

1. Forest Whitaker is Saw Gerrera

Forest Whitaker in Rogue One
Forest Whitaker in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Lucasfilm

Soon after the first trailer for Rogue One dropped, fans speculated that Oscar-winner, Forest Whitaker’s particularly intense character could actually turn out to be Saw Gerrera, who appeared in a few episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Of course, since that series remains firmly within canon, the possibility seems like a plausible one, and unlike the other items on this list, this theory has already proven to be true, opening up the floodgate for any number of other connections based on the stories that are still part of the recognized continuity.

2. More details on Snoke

Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis in Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Lucasfilm

One moment in the Rogue One marketing materials featured a hooded figure standing in front of what looked like a bacta tank that some believe holds the body of future Supreme Leader Snoke. Though this may or may not support the inescapable “Snoke is Plagueis” theory, it does make sense that Rogue One will address Snoke’s origins in some way. After all, the character’s appearance in The Force Awakens raised more questions than it answered, and since many assume he has long-held ties to the Empire, it’s only logical that some hints would be dropped in Rogue One.

3. Jyn Erso is Rey’s mother

Felicity Jones in Rogue One
Felicity Jones in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Lucasfilm

Coming out of The Force Awakens, perhaps the biggest mystery has centered on who Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) parents are. Given the physical similarity, British accent, and plausibility of the timeframe, fans soon wondered if Rogue One lead Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) would ultimately be revealed to be Rey’s mother. If Luke Skywalker is Rey’s father as many believe, it’s easy to imagine that he met fellow rebel, Jyn at some point, and their love led to Rey’s birth. Besides, if Episode VIII does reveal that Luke and Rey are father and daughter, that revelation will have more impact if viewers are familiar with Rey’s mother as well.

4. Origin of the Knights of Ren

Knights of Ren in Star Wars The Force Awakens
Knights of Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Lucasfilm

One of the wackier theories currently circulating centers on the design similarities between the central team of rebels in Rogue One and the Knights of Ren, as depicted in The Force Awakens. The group — from which villain Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) hails — is another of the film’s biggest mysteries, appearing only in a brief glimpse into the past.

The theory goes that the rebels were somehow persuaded or turned to evil and became the Knights of Ren. The marketing for Rogue One certainly implies that some of the film’s heroes, especially Jyn, could fall in such a manner, with some even believing that Jyn will evolve into Captain Phasma herself. Stranger things have happened in the Star Wars universe.

5. Lor San Tekka could appear

Max von Sydow in Star Wars The Force Awakens
Max von Sydow in Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Lucasfilm

Actor Max von Sydow made a brief but memorable appearance in The Force Awakens as a key ally to General Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac). However, his character, Lor San Tekka is certainly one that could use a bit of expansion in these standalone Star Wars films, lending even greater tragedy to his fate at the hands of Kylo Ren. It’s certainly not something that needs to happen, but it would create greater connectivity between the saga’s installments. Ultimately, isn’t that the point of expanding the franchise in the first place?

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