Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of ‘Jersey Shore’ Warns Fans Not to Send Money to the Person Impersonating Him on Snapchat

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has a warning for fans. The Jersey Shore star is urging people not to send money to a person who he says is impersonating him on Snapchat. He shared the message with his Instagram followers on May 3.

‘I don’t want your money,’ says Ronnie Ortiz-Magro 

Ortiz-Magro, 34, took to social media to alert people that a person was using his name on Snapchat. He said the individual impersonating him was trying to get people to send them money. 

“Once again people stop sending money to this fake person acting like Ronnie Magro on Snapchat,” he wrote. “It isn’t me, I don’t want your money [especially] through Snapchat and [especially] from people during a pandemic. Best of luck to you all who have been taken advantage.” 

Those who commented on the post expressed dismay that someone would try to take advantage of other people’s generosity in such a way. 

“People are messed up,” one commented. A few thanked Ortiz-Magro for the warning, mentioning that they had considered sending money before he alerted them that it was a scam. 

Others thought it was strange that people would fall for the con. “Like you would be asking random people on here for money,” one wrote. 

Ortiz-Magro reaches plea deal in his domestic violence case 

Ronnie ortiz-magro
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Online imposters aren’t the only problem Ortiz-Magro has been dealing with lately. On May 1, the MTV reality star reached a plea deal in his domestic violence case with his ex Jen Harley, 33. He pled no contest to one count of domestic battery and one count of resisting arrest, People reported. The charges stemmed from an October 2019 altercation with Harley.

Ortiz-Magro will complete 30 days of community service, spend 36 months on probation, and donate $20,000 to a Los Angeles battered women’s shelter. He is also in the process of completing a year-long domestic violence program, per In Touch Weekly

He has a volatile relationship with his ex 

Jen Harley
Jen Harley | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Harley and Ortiz-Magro have had a volatile relationship. The two first began dating in 2017. Harley gave birth to their daughter, Ariana Sky, in April 2018. But they’ve broken up and gotten back together several times over the years. And there have been accusations of violence on both sides. Harley was arrested multiple times on domestic violence charges prior to the October 2019 altercation that led to Ortiz-Magro’s arrest. According to People, both Harley and Ortiz-Magro have been granted restraining orders against the other in recent months. 

In an April 2020 interview with In Touch, Harley said she was hopeful that she and her ex could put their problems behind them and learn to “coparent peacefully.” While she says she still loves the father of her child, she doesn’t want to rekindle their romance. 

“The only fear I have is going back with him,” she said. “I want to be with somebody who wants to be a team and do it together,” she added.

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